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Feb 18, 2013 06:54 PM

Lutherville breakfast/lunch recs

Hi! I'm planning a day trip down from Boston to visit family in Lutherville.

My flight gets in really early, so I'm looking for a good cafe for a solo breakfast on my way up from BWI.

I'm also looking for a pizza place or other lunch option in Lutherville so I can take my grandmother out for lunch. NY-style pizza is her favorite, so that would be ideal, but a nice diner would work too.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. If you love your grandmother, drive her to Iggies. Pasta Mista and Italian Gardens are in Towson. Both are good options. The latter is in a mall and has plenty of seating. Jake's pit beef is amazing. You could carry out from there. I would drive to Baltimore for your Breakfast. It is not that far out of your way. The beltway is always backed up.

    1. If you are solo for breakfast en route to Lutherville, you will be on West side of Beltway from BWI. There is a Diner in Catonsville called Double TT. Typical 24/7 Greek diner, but always crowded, good breakfast, always super packed. Sit at counter and everyone will talk to you.
      The other diners on the way, Bel Loc and Nautilus, suck in my opinion.
      In Towson and in Lutherville there is a REALLY good bagel place with great omelets and egg sandwiches, etc
      TheHotBagelTowson. (410) 337-0006

      Italian: Fazzini's is INSANE. They make ALL their pasta, bread, sauces, meatballs fresh. You pick sauce and pasta and meat and get a LB of fresh pasta w/each order. Not much atmosphere, but great food
      Pizza sucks in B'more county. One of the only places worth a shit is joe squared in B'more city. Coal fired over, charred thin crust, great toppings with veggies and herbs grown on their roof(all station north location

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        I agree with most of your takes Noah. However, I prefer Greg's Bagels to THB. I went to THB on Monday. It was good, but I still like Greg's. Greg's salmon selection is great (try the Canadian Candy).

        I will have to try Fazzinis.

        1. re: 2000man

          Yeah, I live near Pikesville, so I'm jaded on bagels, deli, schmear and nosh
          Greg's is good also
          Very good
          I think I mentioned THB because of one being in Timonium

      2. Can anyone advise on The Filling Station? It has been on my list for a while, but I have not made it there yet.

        Otherwise I suggest Atwater's at Kenilworth for breakfast.