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Feb 18, 2013 06:45 PM

Atelier Crenn Five Course [San Francisco]

Is the five course the same level of quality as the full tasting?
It is b/w this and Danko, and I am also going to Acqurello and La Folie for sure.


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  1. I think it of the same quality for sure, some dish may not be as out there but that can be a good thing too.

    Danko and it don't really compare. Danko was of the moment 10 years ago and Atelier Creen is seeking the future.

    Danko is very reliable in terms of service and food prep but no where as interesting and as tasty with some dishes as Creen.

    I find them very different experiences.

    1. I actually like the five course tasting better as it is a bit more food-per-plate and more innovative for larger courses than a dozen smaller bites that can get overwhelming.

      Like Tjinsf says, AC and Danko aren't in the same league. I would dump Danko in a heartbeat...

      1. Thanks guys, I'm going with Crenn.

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          We were there in January and loved the place. Good choice!

        2. I had the 5 course menu at Crenn last night.

          I thought it was very good and worth the cost

          I liked it better than Saison and far better than Benu

          I really liked that the personal touch of Miss Crenn coming to my table and also saying goodbye at the door when I left.