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Feb 18, 2013 06:21 PM

Where to find Veggie dumplings with spinach dough in NJ?

I am looking for a chinese restaurant that sells steamed veggie dumplings ( green in color) with spinach dough... can someone help? Thx

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  1. The China Gourmet on Eagle Rock Ave. in West Orange has them, and they're very good.

    1. Not a restaurant, but H Mart has them frozen to steam a home.

      1. I think H-Mart is a great idea. 'Veggie' *if* it equals vegetarian is tricky with Chinese food in the US. (With packaged goods you can read the label.)

        There are all kinds of vegetarians/pescaterians. I am the "I try my best, but if someone misunderstands me and it's already dead it's not my fault, so I'll try my best to eat it if I can" kinda guy. I know other people who sincerely feel it's like cannibalism so they have to be super pure. If you are in the latter group you might have to avoid dim-sum unless you go to vegetarian specific restaurants. [There is one in Chinatown (NYC) that I know of.]

        In my experience, if you dig deep enough even fish and vegetable dishes, especially those which are dumplings, often have pork or animal fat. I go to dim sum and love it, knowing that I'm trying my best to avoid the stuff I don't eat, but if it ends up there, *shrug*, I did my best. (BTW - same thing with Thai, and why have thai if you don't enjoy fish sauce, imho.)

        I also have shoes with some leather and coats with some down. I drive on roads that suffer from dead dear, skunk, groundhog, and other roadkill. I eat grains that are harvested that kill tons of insects. I don't think anyone is pure. I just try.

        In short, authentic Chinese vegan/vegetarian is possible, but unlikely in NJ. You have to search out the outliers in NYC.