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Apr 2, 2006 02:05 PM

CARLSBAD -Four Seasons Aviara Restaurants. Opinions?

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Friends will be staying at the Four Seasons Aviara in Carlsbad in a few weeks. Anyone have an opinion on the food quality of their restaurants, Vivace for Italian or the more casual California Bistro? Thanks.

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    Vivace's is wonderful...not to be missed. California Bistro is great for breakfast or lunch and sunday brunch. Vivace's is upscale and you need to dress accordingly.

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      Winemistress and Honkman- Thank you for the reply. My spouse and I are going to give Vivace a test run ourselves Wed evening.
      Any items you recall being memorable?
      Thanks again.

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        Was just there and had a WONDERFUL meal of appetizers, a dessert, a glass of wine and coffee. Although I was a female dining alone, the staff treated me extremely well. I had a perfectly poached egg atop a rectangle of polenta and asparagus spears,showered with parmesan cheese, and truffle shavings; then a marvelous roasted tomato chipotle soup with the most amazing piece of mozzarella I've ever had floating in it. The waiter recommended a 2002 Siena Ferrari Carano wine that was fabulous. Dessert was very unusual--poached grapefruit segments with honey sorbet with salty/sweet tuiles. The decaf coffee was the best I ever had. The place is expensive but worth every penny.

      2. Highly recommended. Excellent food and very relaxed athmosphere.

        1. Four of us had a great dinner at Vivace last year. I don't remember what we had, but I do remember it being excellent. (Maybe it's time for another visit?)

          The California Bistro has a Friday night seafood (also seefood) buffet that shouldn't be missed. About $50 each person, slightly higher with unlimited champagne. It's absolutely fantastic in every sense. High quality, copious amounts, great variety, excellent service...You get the idea. Reservations in advance are a MUST!

          Whatever your choice, you're in for a treat. Enjoy.

          1. Just returned from a vacation at the Four Seasons in Carlsbad--one of my favorite hotels. Vivace is amazing. We had the following:
            1) appetizer of grilled baby octopus in a tomato-based sauce with mint and baby romaine lettuce--the octopus was succulent, juicy, not chewy at all, and slightly smoky
            2) appetizer of a selectin of salumi made by Mario Batali's dad, topped with homeade pickled veggies. The veggies and olives on top were good, but a little overpowering for the salumi--couldn't taste it all that well.
            3) entree of maine lobster risotto with carnaroli rice in tomato based sauce with chunks of lobster scattered on inside.
            Skipped dessert. Music and lighting were relaxing and hypnotic. The service was pretty good, especially since I had my 2 year old son and 5 month old daughter with us. We've also eaten at the Argyle, the golf course restaurant, which has great course views and great food. Superb onion rings. Delicious sandwiches.

            1. My dad had a condo in the Aviara area so I ate a few meals there -- lunch at the cafe with terraces overlooking the golf course and dinner at a fancy restaurant within. My most vivid memory is not of the food, but of a florist who was redoing the major floral display in the main lobby -- amazing bunches of exquisite huge rare flowers. Truly impressive.

              My favorite meals in that area have been at Savory. It is located in a minimall on the north side of El Camino Real a few blocks south of Aviara Drive/Poinsettia in Encinitas,

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                Isari is the name of the flower studio that does the flowers at Aviara. Tam Ashworth is the owner. I hosted a tea party there and they did the flowers and I have never been more impressed. I recommend the afternoon tea service. When I was there they did a wonderful passionfruit lemon curd that I could put on all my desserts. It is much better than tea at the Del.