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Feb 18, 2013 06:03 PM

Solid Sure bet, under $20 entrees, nice atmosphere, too--in Queens??

Friends have offered to take me and my family out for a birthday meal, but I don't want them to spend too much money, and I would like for it to be a comfortable place that is clean (sorry, but their inspection rating does matter to me)--with good food......Thinking, Greek, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Turkish, Indian--ok.....

Might just go with Mediterranean Greek Grill in Whitestone because it's generally good, and prices are reasonable, and they have amazing desserts there---but wanted to feel out some other choices...anywhere in queens is fine, as long as there is parking, and this would be on a sat night....

thanks for some recent tips

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  1. Go to Imperial Palace in Flushing, best Chinese of your life I am not clowning around. Can suggest what to order

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