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Feb 18, 2013 05:23 PM

Brunch/Early lunch Saturday on Ossington

I am taking my teenaged daughter to brunch/early lunch on a Saturday before a show at the Lower Ossington Theatre.

We have been to Union (and loved it). She wouldn't like Delux. I was thinking maybe either The Saint or Libretto.

Any suggestions?

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  1. The Saint has been recommended here numerous times for their cinnamon bun.
    Swan on Queen is always safe.
    I just tried the Arrow Cafe (on Dundas, 5min walk from the theatre) this weekend. They make a mean eggs&sausage, and you can wash'em down with some yummy buffalo ice cream.

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    1. re: happycamper

      The Saint switched out their cinnamon bun with cinnamon donut holes and chocolate sauce. Not an improvement or even a lateral maneuver but the donuts are good.

      Great service, coffee and honest food!

    2. Hoof cafe a short walk on dundas

      1. Thanks for all of the replies. Just found out that they moved the production to the Bathurst Street Theatre at Bathurst and Bloor - so must do White Brick Kitchen. Looks awesome. Will save the Saint for another time!

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          1. re: elasticwaistband

            You can't go wrong with WBK. Make sure you try the Banana Bread French Toast. It is soooo good!!

            1. re: kwass

              The french toast may only be available on Sundays? The cinnamon bun waffle is available on Saturday.

              1. re: justsayn

                I think you may be right. That said, the cinnamon bun waffle is definitely worth going for!! Soooo yummy!!