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Feb 18, 2013 05:05 PM

Young Chow vs Hunan Dynasty

I've just moved to Capitol Hill and am searching for my go-to Chinese take-out place. Which should it be- Young Chow or Hunan Dynasty?

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  1. Welcome to the 'hood, but I'm afraid you'll find both are really mediocre--there is nothing decent on the Hill worthy of even a slumming chowhound, I'm afraid. For Asian on the Hill it is better to stick to Vietnamese (there are two okay places, one on Pennsylvania and 7th St., SE, one on Barracks Row) or Sticky Rice on H St (and a new sushi place recently opened on H as well). Head out to Rockville or Seven Corners for great Chinese!

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      I meant Thai, not Vietnamese, of course (too much Eden Center on the brain). But there is also a new Pho place on Pennsylvania between 11 and 12th, SE.

    2. Best bet in DC is China Boy in Chinatown. Literally a hole in a freaking wall but some if the best noodles you'll find this side of the Potomac.

      1. Thanks for the comments.

        Glad to know about the new Pho place- I was not aware of it.

        I went ahead and tried Hunan for kicks. Got vegetable dumplings (can get better at trader joe's), chicken with snow peas, vegetables in hot garlic sauce (which was neither hot nor garlicky, but sweet and vinegary-ew), and hot and sour soup (also, neither hot nor sour).

        The only thing I would get again is the chicken with snow peas.

        I'll have to give Young Chow a try, just for comparison... but guess it'll be thai and pho from here on out.

        1. Reviving this thread for a question - does anyone know if Hunan Dynasty has a secret authentic menu (in English)? I'm going there for lunch today with a work group and it would be nice to be able to forego the Americanized stuff.