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Feb 18, 2013 04:54 PM

What to do with Brie log?

bought it but haven't used it, any ideas for incorporating into a meal?

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  1. cover it with fig jam or chutney, sprinkle with almonds and wrap in puff pastry. Bake and enjoy with wine and friends.

    1. I usually use the logs, sliced, with crackers.

      I cook with the wedges, rind removed. I make some amazing mashed potatoes with garlic, green onions, and cubed Brie. Not healthy but amazingly good. I make it once a year on thanksgiving,

      1. I love panini made with brie... like with fig jam and chicken.

        1. Roll it in paprika, chopped fresh herbs or nuts served with crackers.
          Served it with honey or honeycomb and apricot jam
          Add it to the center of a pitted sliced date wrapped in bacon and bake
          Break it up into crumbs and sprinkle it on a salad
          Add pieces to scrambled eggs
          Use a slice in eggs benedict

          1. I've never heard of a "Brie log". How is it made? Is it real Brie, or a pasteurized cheese product?

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              if it's in a log, it's not real (AOP) Brie.

              1. re: Bacardi1

                The President Brie log is widely distributed, I believe it is made near us in WI, parent corp is French and made under strong French quality controls, its good but not made in France. Same brie as the rounds but shaped in a log for easy cracker portioning and sold over the holdays.

                1. re: dijon

                  I bought a few over the holidays and found the President Brie log a decent table cheese. At room temp it was smooth and creamy and easily spread on crackers.