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Feb 18, 2013 03:45 PM

What's for Dinner #192 - Why is it still Winter Edition. [old]

We're starting to long for spring here in the NE of the US. It's been awfully cold, and the snow that was left after our big storm has hardened into ice that looks like it'll be here for the duration. My husband found some lovely cod in the market, and we're still deciding how to prepare it. One thing that's for sure, it won't be on the grill!

What's for dinner in your house?

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  1. Snow. Brrrr.
    Cold. Brrrr.
    Wind. BRRRRRRR.....

    But I got out in it today, which I REALLY needed to do, I was slugging it in the house for too long.

    And I've moved into leftover mode. Probably the leftover short ribs with the potatoes and carrots.

    I would be most happy for some warmth. Kinda like that 60 degree stuff we got in January. Yeah. THAT would be nice, wouldn't it? :-)

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    1. re: LindaWhit

      I guess that wah wahing that it was in the high fourties here last night is gonna get me hung and beaten but i am born and raised in Florida and have no experience with the bitter cold. I am so sorry for all the cold and snow and ice everyone is experiencing.
      I am having pesto chicken with an Italian cheese blend that i got from Juliejulez. I am also making sugar snap peas with butter and polenta with lots of parm and butter. Rich but yummy.

      1. re: suzigirl

        Susygirl, I hope your not suggesting that your to blame for all the cold and snow, but it is merely an "empathetic sorry'? :)

        Pesto chicken and polenta should help you buck right up to the cold. Nice inspiration.

        1. re: gingershelley

          It was an empathetic sorry. It just doesn't get cold here often.

      2. re: LindaWhit

        LW...I think Steveh said it, (if I may quote)..."Short ribs the dish that keeps giving"

        1. re: PHREDDY

          Amen, PHREDDY.
          There is a short rib or two pining away in the back of the coolerator that need to kick up a nacho plate.

      3. Tonight the toddler and I will share some mussels. She'll want her usual with the parsley parmesan pangrattato. I'm feeling like a soup. I have some buttermilk left over from the other day so I'm thinking that will go in along with white wine, leek and maybe some fennel or perhaps some tarragon. It depends what looks fresher at the local store.
        The bloke will content himself with defrosted vege soup - the cavolo nero and borlotti bean one. It's a favourite of his so I'm sure he'll be happy.

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        1. re: Frizzle

          Frizzle, SO impressed with the reports of the toddler eating such mussel dishes. Bravo to you both!

          Soups sound good too. Very glad to have you posting with us here from (where I am in Western USA) the other side of the world. Which, for the record, I would love to be visiting again soon:)!

          1. re: gingershelley

            Thank you GS. I love being part of the WFD crew now. You're all so lovely, inviting and inspiring.

            The downside to being on the other side of the world is craving braises and gratins in the middle of summer. The continual mention of brussel sprouts is gruelling to say the least. Despite this, I'm finding this thread inspirational and I'm learning a lot. :)

            1. re: Frizzle

              You'll have to save these threads to re-read once it's winter there :)

              1. re: Frizzle

                That's what you get for teasing us with all of those mussels! :)

                1. re: Frizzle

                  You being on the other side of the world just makes us all anticipate the coming of *our* summer, Frizzle. :-)

                  1. re: Frizzle

                    I have learned alot in the short time I have been here as well. It is so inspiring here. I love it. Everyone is so kind

                    1. re: Frizzle

                      Yes, I am sure you are pining for brussel sprouts - but we are sure pining for BBQ's and all your hot weather food! We can keep each other's 'other season' dreams alive! :)

                  2. re: Frizzle

                    Did you make your buttermilk soup? I have a whole quart left from hush puppies that I never made for my Mardi Gras party and while I might just make a buttermilk pie, something savory would be even better.

                    1. re: JungMann

                      No, in the end the bloke asked that we use the buttermilk for pancakes so I still haven't done a buttermilk soup.

                      1. re: Frizzle

                        Mmmmmm.....Buttermilk waffles are nice too.

                  3. The man will be late tonight so it'll be another easy dinner. Chicken breasts are being brined in the fridge now and when he calls to say he's leaving work they will be stuffed with leftover artichoke and spinach dip and baked. I do miss the days of coating and frying them but sundress season is right around the corner....

                    I bought a bajillion packages of Earthbound Farms Zen Blend this week so like last night it will get a quick wilt. Leftover roasted cauliflower will be reheated and I think some grape tomatoes will be halved and served on the side, too. That should be enough colors on the plate.

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                    1. re: weezieduzzit

                      Weezie; good on the easy dinner ( who can argue with a chicken breast stuffed with spinach dip?)...

                      But I must object to the bringing up of 'sundress season' since we are still 28 days till the start of spring. Heavens! I just thought I had to trim my roses before the frost' is fully off... hahaa.

                      I think my pants are still of with MariaCarmen - or we are still in our mumu's. I need to get down with the Weight Watchers CH thread, clearly. It's not THAT bad, but I don't seem to have a lot of discipline. Something to think about - but it doesn't go so well with thoughts of 'Spring"!

                    2. Roxlet, and all WFD CH'ers...YES - I wish it WAS spring. Sorry to be hard on you East-coasters, but here in SEA, it feels like it is breathing down our necks allready - such a mild winter for us, the bulbs are breaking ground, and the wisteria, etc. are budding all over my yard. Now of course, we shall get a deep-freeze shock to put me in my place!

                      Isn't it funny...don't we have a hard time moving to the next thread? We all want to go back and finish the stories on the 'old' thread. I think now that I am back on, I am making a resolution to just continue my story on the new thread, knowing you all will get it, just like a serial show has new installments.

                      That said, for me tonight is leftover Caribbean falling-apart braised pork & greens, made a little soupy with some ginger stock, and ladled over coconut rice. Lime wedge on the side.

                      On the stove is a pot of 'dessert stock', aka, a syrup to poach a couple of bosc pears that never got ripe in; water, sugar, ginger coins, a split vanilla bean, chunk of orange and one of lemon. A glug of red wine, a couple of cardamom pods and a piece of cinnamon left to simmer for a bit. Peel the pears, submerge, and hopefully by about 9pm, can enjoy a warm poached pear with a bit of reduced syrup and greek yogurt with tonight's 'The Following" episode....

                      What is it that I have turned to these dark shows (Walking Dead and The Following)? Thank God I redeem myself with Downton Abbey - ahem, well, it was a bit of a shocker last nights' ending..... thank goodness for that pear coming my way.

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                      1. Here are the enchiladas and refried beans...

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                        1. re: wyogal

                          Super YUM! I love your before/during/done photos wyogal. That looks very tasty.

                          1. re: gingershelley

                            Thanks, I put the pics on my blog. Just for fun blog. no ads. no revenue. so I take pics, food porn.

                          2. re: wyogal

                            mmmm! i wish i'd had that for dinner!

                            1. re: wyogal

                              I could so tuck into that. Yummy

                              1. re: wyogal

                                Oh! That looks sooo good wyogal! My favorite kind of dinner, and one that I don't get often, as Mexican is not hubby's favorite cuisine. But I have warned him - when our three week cleanse/detox is done - I'm having warm, gooey, cheesy enchiladas!! and chips!

                                1. re: iowagirl

                                  It's my husband's favorite!

                                  1. re: wyogal

                                    Lucky girl! Though I do have to give mine some credit - for my 40th bday, he (as a surprise) made us reservations at Rick Bayless' flagship restaurant in Chicago, Topolobampo, which truly was a revelation for both of us. Who knew THAT was Mexican food!

                                      1. re: iowagirl

                                        i'm going to try that place in a couple months! was it amazing?

                                        1. re: mariacarmen

                                          Not amazing but fun and interesting. Dial back expectations a bit and you'll have a good time. Chicago in the spring can be very cool. Maybe twodales will chime in.

                                          1. re: steve h.

                                            hmmmm.... i have plenty of good mexican here in CA, so if it's not amazing, maybe i don't want to waste a meal on it...

                                            i've been on the Chicago boards a lot and i'll check again for updates as i get closer to our travel date.

                                          2. re: mariacarmen

                                            MC - it's unlike any "Mexican" I've ever had anywhere else. I found it to be amazing, because, as I said above, it was a revelation to me. I'd always thought Mexican food was burritos, tacos, enchiladas etc, but what Bayless does is much more true regional Mexican and not Tex-Mex. I know Chicago has a dizzying array of great restaurants to try, but I really do think it's worth giving either Topo or Frontera a shot. You could always do one for lunch or brunch if you don't want to risk a dinner on it!

                                            We are only about 3 hrs away from Chicago, and hubby is from there, so it's our favorite weekend getaway! Steve H is right - it can be downright COLD in the spring (it IS the Windy City after all) but it can also be downright balmy! Welcome to the Midwest!!

                                            1. re: iowagirl

                                              thanks iowagirl! good idea about lunch/brunch.

                                              1. re: mariacarmen

                                                You could also try out his other restaurant, Xoco. It's more casual, street food type place, would be great for lunch or even a snack too:

                                                Chicago is my honorary hometown, I spent the majority of my 20s there.

                                                1. re: juliejulez

                                                  I still haven't made it to Topolobampo, but I have made a point of getting to Xoco for every.single.visit.home since they opened.Their short rib tortas are the stuff of dreams.

                                                  1. re: JungMann

                                                    well, that's quite an endorsement, and one i will take very seriously. thanks JM.

                                                    ETA - now i'm torn! you recommend the short rib torta, but i'm also drooling over the the carnitas and the cochinita pibil. i guess i can "force" the BF to eat 1-1/2 sandwiches, and order all three....

                                                    1. re: mariacarmen

                                                      I've had the cochinita pibil which certainly holds its own, but the sauce for the torta ahogada (which is the carnitas, I believe) shows off the best of Rick Bayless. I would get that one instead. Chicago is an embarrassment of riches for Mexican food-lovers.

                                                      1. re: mariacarmen

                                                        Won't that be a horrible sacrifice on his part?:)

                                                        1. re: gingershelley

                                                          yes, thank goodness he's a noble sort.

                                                    2. re: juliejulez

                                                      thanks julie! i had looked at that, but i'll take another look now.

                                                      1. re: mariacarmen

                                                        Plus, Bayless' recipe for the cochinita pibil is online---you can make your own. I made it and thought it very good (although we may never get through all 10 LBS. of it!).