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Feb 18, 2013 03:23 PM

Thai North blackboard specials

This may be old news, but the blackboard specials are available on the app/website. As someone with two small children, I found it frustrating trying to get them to list them over the phone for delivery, so this is good news. Any favorites among the recurring specials?

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  1. Using the English descriptions, which often aren't very appetizing: tomato-based ground meat (a/k/a nam prik ong, though the crudite assortment isn't what it used to be -- where are the fried pork rinds?), eggplant paste (though be warned it's very smoky), northern herb fish (a whole fish preparation), duck salad (larb bpèt), Chiangmai noodle curry (khao soi), and pounded green chili dip (fiery!)

    Dressing wings aren't listed, but those are nice, too, deboned chicken wings with a ground pork stuffing, fried.

    1. moo ping ("grilled puerco")
      nam prik noom ("pounded green chili dip")
      tum kanoon ("jackfruit paste")
      tum makhuea ("eggplant paste")
      laap phet ("duck salad")
      nam prik ong ("tomato based ground meat")
      khao soi ("chiang mai noodle curry")
      kaeng heng lay ("northern burmese curry")

      1. They've added the "blackboard specials" (English only) to the printed menus and to their website menu.