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lunch in camden new jersey aquarium area

daisylover Feb 18, 2013 02:59 PM

title says it all, looking for a decent place for lunch near the adventure aquarium, stopping there on the way to philly, driving from new york. any help would be appreciated.

  1. j
    joestein Feb 21, 2013 05:34 AM

    When we used to go the aquarium I found the best way to eat lunch was to pack some good sandwichs & fruit. We used to sit at the tables outside on the terrace facing philadelphia. I think we purchased french fries to supplement the sandwiches.

    1. c
      consequences Feb 20, 2013 08:41 PM

      Every time we've been to the aquarium, we've gone to the Pop Shop in Collingswood for lunch. The kids, in particular, go nuts for the place. It's right on Haddon Ave, about 10 minutes from the aquarium. Sure, you're driving right through Camden to get there, but during the day, you're fine.

      1. HillJ Feb 20, 2013 04:47 AM


        If you want to have lunch @ the park here's the dining guide on the waterfront property.

        1. seal Feb 19, 2013 04:07 PM

          I have done the Aquarium/Philly thing a few times but I have never eaten in Camden. In fact, most of the time we have done the boat across the water thing from Philly after eating well along South St in Philly first. I think there is some time frame for the combo thing but I forget.

          1. mschow Feb 19, 2013 12:49 PM

            Camden is NOT a place to drive around looking for a place to eat. It simply is not safe. I'd do lunch before in Cherry Hill before going to the aquarium. Mostly chains, but you can always find something for the kids. There is also Ponzios Diner on Route 70 if you want to keep it non chain related.

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            1. re: mschow
              jrvedivici Feb 19, 2013 01:43 PM

              +1, very very very good advice.

            2. e
              ebchower Feb 18, 2013 03:09 PM

              Close by on Route 38 in Cherry Hill/Moorestown there's pretty much every chain imaginable with a large cluster at the Cherry Hill mall. Opposite side of 38 from the mall is the Silver Diner which I like and prefer to the chains. But if you're eating after seeing the aquarium, it's going a little bit backwards (10 min drive in opposite direction) if you're then heading into Philly.

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