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Feb 18, 2013 02:51 PM

Grand Central

Shish on Grand Avenue, St. Paul, opened a sandwich/soup/salad joint next door, Grand Central.

Ms. FH and I went on Saturday, they opened on Monday. In a word, excellent. She had the Italian sandwich, which she enjoyed (I didn't get to taste it). I had the corned beef/pastrami, with Swiss cheese, slaw, and Thousand Island dressing (I believe it was Thousand Island, might be wrong about that) on pumpernickel. It was fantastic - the meat was tasty with a little smokiness, and the condiments definitely took a back seat to the meat. Both sandwiches were pannini-style, and came with a very nice side green salad. We also got a side of a couscous salad, which was also excellent (though we took most of it home).

For drinks, Ms. FH had a Chai tea, which she claimed was one of the best she's had in the Twin Cities. I had a cappuccino, which was very good.

Overall, great place, we'll be back for more sandwiches. Great quality, and well priced. Oh, and they have Patisserie 46 pastries for desert.

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  1. Good to hear - earmarked this place after hearing about it open. Do they have their wine/beer license yet?

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    1. re: mull0263

      Not sure. For what it's worth, their beer tap was not yet functional, just the lines with no taps.

      1. re: foreverhungry

        Thanks for the heads up - if I have to end up drinking what sounds like a tasty cappuccino instead of some malty goodness I think I'll get by.

      2. re: mull0263

        They are now serving wine and beer.