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Feb 18, 2013 02:50 PM

Will non-fat greek yogurt (Fage) replace lowfat yogurt in this recipe?

I would like to make this:

She calls for 1/2 c of plain non-fat yogurt - all I have is Fage...and I need a chocolate fix ;) Can I replace it or will something dramatically change as a result?


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  1. I looked at the recipe to see which it calls for (low-fat or nonfat), and since it calls for nonfat, your nonfat Fage will work fine. I've used it in baked goods, and if anything it might make it even moister.

    1. I would think it would be fine. Dorie Greenspan's French Yoghurt cake recipe, includes a variant that involves a straight substitution of Greek yoghurt for plain yoghurt. (See here:

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      1. Non-fat Fage is the only yogurt I ever have on hand...I wouldn't hesitate to use it whenever yogurt is called for.

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          You are welcome. Let us know how it turns out. I have the remnants of a 1 qt container of plain yoghurt in my fridge and may take a stab at the recipe you posted to use it up. (Wonder how it would taste if one added some expresso powder in with the cocoa, or substituted out some of the cocoa for expresso. )

          1. re: masha

            Wonderful - thanks Liz and masha-

            I just put it in the oven...let's see!

            By the way Masha - someone wrote in the link comments section they used expresso powder I think.

            If I drank coffee that would be delicious :)

            1. re: lovessushi

     was done at 30 minutes, not between 35 and 40, but I think my oven runs a bit hot.

              It didn't rise as much as expected..

              But it's quite tasty! A little bit dry maybe - I think I would cook it at slightly lower than 350 next time, or maybe less time.

              Overall not bad at all! And, it would seem, not terribly unhealthy :)

              1. re: lovessushi

                Since greek yogurt is drained, you're adding more solids and less liquid by using Fage rather than regular yogurt. Next time you might try thinning the Fage slightly, with water or milk, buttermilk, a shot of espresso, grand marnier, etc to recreate regular yogurt consistency.

                1. re: babette feasts

                  Ah, good to know - thanks babette feasts :)