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Feb 18, 2013 02:37 PM

What's hot for Portuguese food in the Newark Ironbound?

We enjoy Seabra's Marisquera, but have been there several times in a row. We would like someplace that is a manageable size and with authentic food. Not an institutional nut house. And we don't need a week's worth of paella. Thanks, it is for SUnday 2/24 after the Devils' game.

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  1. "Authentic" is not on the table in Newark. These restaurants get people in by serving HUGE quantities of food. (They do NOT do that in Portugal!)

    If you want to take a ride, some really AUTHENTIC Portuguese cuisine can be had at Churrasqueira Ribatejo in Ossining, NY.

    Closer, but a bit more eclectic, with some Portuguese disnes, (the owners are Portuguese) is Quinta in Pearl River.

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      I will note those restaurants for future reference, but I am hopeful someone can assist me for Newark, since that is where I will be at 8pm Sunday.

      1. re: scarlet knight

        I also enjoy Tony Da Caneca...... and Sol Mar, but SM not as much as Seabra.

    2. Have you tried Casa Vasca?

      1. Well there are a lot of places in newark.....

        There is a restaurant called Spain that is right outside the train station. The food is quite good and portions are large, as noted. I think you can't go wrong there and its conveniently located. I have been there dozens of times and its consistently good. There are better IMO, but spain is good, consistent, and close.

          1. if you can grab a cab, my favorite is Fernandes steakhouse. You definitely can't go wrong there!