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Miami/South Beach for Spring Break...lots of questions

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Hi! Coming to the area with my daughter. Staying at Eden Rock and Marriott South Beach. Price points and traveling are not issues.
Easter Sunday Brunch – stay at Eden or go to Biltmore Brunch Buffet; others?
Pizza – best NYC style pizza
Gelato – ?
Almond croissants – this one is for me. I love twice baked French Almond Croissants
Chocolate Babka – I am pushing it, right?

Which chicken dish is better – MGFD’s chicken or Bourbon Steak crispy chicken? Others that beat the two mentioned?

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    Biltmore. It's a ride but it's an icon in Miami and the brunch is well known for being pretty awesome (I've not been in nearly a decade though). Alternative would be best brunch in town at MGFD.

    Pizza - I'm gonna have to defer to The Chowfather's recommendations for pizza. Here's your research - http://www.thechowfather.com/2012/12/...

    Gelato - can't help ya but I know people like The Frieze off Lincoln Road. Not sure if that's gelato or ice cream or froyo though...

    Almond Croissants - can't really help ya here either. Maybe Paul on Lincoln Road or possible Acme Bakery?

    Chocolate Babka - going to have to defer to my Jewish CH friends on this one. I'm not a babka fan.

    Chicken dish - MGFD is legendary according to most people I know (I don't eat that there, too many other things I enjoy). People also love the fried whole chicken at Joe's Stone Crab for it's flavor and value ($5.95 I believe)

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      MGFD wood-oven roasted chicken > Bourbon Steak crispy chicken.

      The Joe's fried chicken is a 1/2 chicken for $5.95 (still a great deal).

      Buenva Vista Deli on NE 2nd Ave. near Design District may also be a good bet for the almond croissant request.