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Feb 18, 2013 02:06 PM

Miami/South Beach for Spring Break...lots of questions

Hi! Coming to the area with my daughter. Staying at Eden Rock and Marriott South Beach. Price points and traveling are not issues.
Easter Sunday Brunch – stay at Eden or go to Biltmore Brunch Buffet; others?
Pizza – best NYC style pizza
Gelato – ?
Almond croissants – this one is for me. I love twice baked French Almond Croissants
Chocolate Babka – I am pushing it, right?

Which chicken dish is better – MGFD’s chicken or Bourbon Steak crispy chicken? Others that beat the two mentioned?

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  1. Answers:

    Biltmore. It's a ride but it's an icon in Miami and the brunch is well known for being pretty awesome (I've not been in nearly a decade though). Alternative would be best brunch in town at MGFD.

    Pizza - I'm gonna have to defer to The Chowfather's recommendations for pizza. Here's your research -

    Gelato - can't help ya but I know people like The Frieze off Lincoln Road. Not sure if that's gelato or ice cream or froyo though...

    Almond Croissants - can't really help ya here either. Maybe Paul on Lincoln Road or possible Acme Bakery?

    Chocolate Babka - going to have to defer to my Jewish CH friends on this one. I'm not a babka fan.

    Chicken dish - MGFD is legendary according to most people I know (I don't eat that there, too many other things I enjoy). People also love the fried whole chicken at Joe's Stone Crab for it's flavor and value ($5.95 I believe)

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      MGFD wood-oven roasted chicken > Bourbon Steak crispy chicken.

      The Joe's fried chicken is a 1/2 chicken for $5.95 (still a great deal).

      Buenva Vista Deli on NE 2nd Ave. near Design District may also be a good bet for the almond croissant request.