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Feb 18, 2013 01:34 PM

Restaurants near Metro Stations on Rt. 355?

Hello --

For a family dinner where people are converging from different parts of D.C. and Maryland, I'm looking for good but not too expensive restaurants near any of the Metro stops between White Flint and Shady Grove. Any cuisine but Chinese (which I know means missing out on a lot of good places in Rockville, but have a Chinese-adverse sister-in-law).

Suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Yetka Kabobi is a thoughtful Persian restaurant. Nice place all around with comfortable, handsome decor. 15 minute walk door-to-door from the Twinbrook Metro.

    1. How about the Peruvian restaurant, La Canela, located in Rockville Town Center, right across the street from the Rockville metro station? Lovely place and good food.

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      1. re: kolomya

        Spice Xing, also in the Town Center, is a good bet.

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          Hi --

          Just returned from dinner there, and we were all very pleased. Thanks for the suggestion, kolomya.

        2. Mykonos Grill (greek), just outside of Congressional Plaza on Congressional Lane, has very good food. It's practically across the street from Kabobi and is the same distance from the Twinbrook metro. Closed on Mondays.

          1. If you don't need waiter service, I highly recommend Pizza CS, a five-minute walk from Twinbrook Metro. Stellar Neapolitan pizza with a casual and clean atmosphere. Around $12-14/person, and they also with a small selection of beer and wine.

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              Every time I've been by there the chairs are on top of the table, the lights are out, and guess what, it is closed. When are they open?

              1. re: skipper

                They are closed on Mondays, and they're not open late - only until 8 or 9 depending on the night.

            2. Al Carbon by Rockville!

              200 Park Rd, Rockville, MD 20850