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Feb 18, 2013 01:18 PM

Where to buy Norwegian Salted Cod (for Bacalhau)?

Hi y'all,

I'm interested to know where the best places are to pick up some Norwegian salted cod to make some bacalhau. I made a test-batch using salted cod "bits", but I'm sure that these are of inferior quality, even if they were very practical.


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    1. Wherever Portuguese live and shop. That said, as Full tummy asked, it's likely to be found where the demand is.

      1. I haven't seen Norwegian, but Diana's Seafood has Gaspe salt cod, for a price. They usually have some less expensive salt cod as well.

        1. Salt cod is salt cod...in my opinion.

          I am Portuguese and we buy our cod at Tavora at St Clair and Caledonia. Lots of selection and sizes.

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            I bought some salted cod at Costco around Christmas but I'm not sure if it is a regular item. Big piece, probably about 1/2 of the fish and boneless.

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              Thanks for the suggestion. I went there tonight and bought some of their boneless Norwegian cod at 7.99/lb. Only thing is that the scale by the fish is way off compared to the checkout cashier, by like 30% higher. So, make sure to verify before you buy.

            2. I have seen salted cod at the Billy Bishop location for CostCo. In addition I would look at Starsky's chain of Grocery stores as they carry a lot of fish items that I haven't seen elsewhere.

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                I saw it at London South Costco, $16/kg. boneless, and very white (a good sign).