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Feb 18, 2013 11:44 AM

Keeping fresh bagels fresh

I need to buy bagels on Thursday, but won't be using them until Saturday. I know the ideal is to buy them the day I need them, but this time I just can't.
So, what is the best way to keep them fresh (or as fresh as possible) from Thursday until Saturday morning.
Should i freeze them? Refigerate them? What/

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  1. Freezing is the best way. I usually slice them before I freeze them and then put them directly in the toaster. Refrigerating them dries them out, in my experience.

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    1. I store my bagels in freezer. Not the same texture as fresh but no worse for wear when toasting.

      if you plan on serving them "as is" then make sure to defrost slowly and not in the sealed bag or you risk them getting soggy.

      1. They go in the toaster frozen. no need to defrost. I grew up in montreal - home of great bagels that last a day. On day 2 or 3 can splash or spritz a little water on them before toasting.

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          Not to revive the old debate, but Montreal is the Chicago of bagels.

          To the OP - Freeze, thaw for a few hours on paper towels on the counter, slice, and toast. They won't be the same, but they won't suck either.

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            >>"Montreal is the Chicago of bagels."<<


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                Chicago is frequently known as "The Second City" behind New York. So in this case, Montreal is "The Second City" behind New York when it comes to bagels.

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                  Philly has the 2nd best bagels, Meyer's Bagels in Burlington VT beats them by a smidgen....though I do believe they are Montreal style.

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                    These days most New York bagels are awful... giant bready things. It's possible the Montreal bagels are better (I haven't tried them myself).

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                      You may be correct. I just couldn't help myself from makin' fun of a very old Chowhound debate.

                2. Freeze them. If you want to eat them untoasted then don't slice first. Just heat them in oven or toaster oven until warmed through. I wouldn't defrost them first.

                  If you are going to toast them then slice first before freezing. You can toast them frozen, no need to thaw.

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                    My mother taught me to freeze them and then put them in a brown paper bag in the oven and sprinkle it with water... always worked very well!

                  2. If you buy them fresh from a bagel store, just place in the freezer unsliced in the same paper bag in which they are packed. Remove about an hour or so on Saturday morning before you are ready to serve.