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Feb 18, 2013 11:28 AM

Name a restaurant/pizza store/deli where you will still find an owner or worker that was there in the 80's.

The closing of Sabras in the five towns got met thinking. Recently, I went into Shimon's pizza store in KGH, Queens and found the same two men that worked there when I was a teen in the 80's. Where can you find that in your experience? NY or out of NY. And, who is there (owner, worker??).

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  1. Kens Diner in Skokie - Ken is still there

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      Forgot to add - Romanian Kosher Sausage is owned by the same family -

    2. Pizza Maven in Los Angeles. Same owner, always there. Great pizza, by the way.
      Also in LA, The Milky Way. Owned by Leah Adler for many years, and she still works the dining room every day.

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        Leah Adler is like a kosher lodestar shining over Hollywood.

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          About 20 years ago, my friend and I sat at the Milky Way, single and on vacation. Mrs. Adler talked with us for a bit and gave us some dating advice. Then, her son walked in and she said, "This is my son, Steven." We said, "Hi." Steven Spielberg was wearing a green polkadotted shirt that night. What a lovely lady she is.

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            I was there last year with a cousin who was, at the time, 88, and Mr. Adler commented that he was young. We came back with a friend of the cousin's who was 95 a few days later.

        2. Norman, the owner at Woodro in Hewlett

          1. Westville Kosher Market-Butcher, Deli, Cookked Food, sitdown or takeout in New Haven, CT has been operated by Yuval and Rachel Hamenachem and family since 1985.
            They are now in their 3rd (?) location withing a 6 block radius.
            During that time the rest of the kosher butchers, delis and bakeries in New Haven have all folded, and unless one wants to buy prepackaged meat at the general supermarkets, or Hebrew National deli sliced on the 'kosher' slicing machines at Stop and Shop, Westville Kosher is the only local choice.
            28 years, same owners and their kids running the store and restaurant...........

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              Bagelman, You would know the answer to a burning question. Is there a Rubin affiliated with Rubin's deli? The Deli has been in Brookline since Noah sailed through Boston Harbour. But is there now or has there even been a Rubin?

              1. re: AdinaA

                not any longer, back in the days when Rubin's served Morrison and Schiff deli and Glatt was only familiar to the post 1956 Hungarian Revolution immigrants, the Rubin family operated the restaurant.
                I belive the current management/owners took over in the late 90s or early 2000s.

            2. Noah's Ark in Teaneck. I Believe Noam opened it in the late eighties.
              Naomi's Pizza and falafel on Main st in KGH
              Gottleib's in Williamsberg -Isaak the waiter still there

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                I'm glad to hear about Isaak at Gottliebs. Would love to go back some time. Best sweetbreads.