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Your favorite recipes with goat cheese?

So on a whim I bought the package of 2 chevre logs at Costco yesterday. I have one orzo dish in mind to use up some of it, and I also might use some of it to make the salad from the COTM with the walnut crust. But obviously I have a lot more to use than those two dishes will require (especially since I'm cooking for one on weekdays).

So, what are some of your favorite uses/recipes for goat cheese? I'm mainly looking for dinner type recipes, not really appetizers.

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  1. I like to layer thinly pounded chicken breasts with baby spinach and whatever cheese I might have on hand, roll, secure with tooth picks and sauté. While blue/gorgonzola is my preference my husband prefers when I make it with goat cheese.

    I love pasta tossed with red onion, cerry tomatos, spinach, shrimp and goat cheese.

    Pizza topped with a thin layer of fig jam, proscuitto, arugala and goat cheese is wonderful.

    Goat cheese and asparagus quiche. Spinach if asparagus isn't an option

    caramelized onion and leek tart with goat cheese

    Stirred into an entree style risotto-sausage maybe?

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      I like your thinking. I pair the onion and leek goat cheese tart with the fig preserves and make on ready made puff paste, a nice side with beef.

    2. Goat cheese - potato stuffed Poblano chiles

      1. Flatbread/tart/pizza, salad & pasta variations abound - it's all about the ingredients & combinations you like.

        Other savory options:
        Ravioli filling
        Omelet/frittata filling
        Stuffed zucchini blossoms
        Mac & cheese

        For something sweet:
        Swirl into brownies
        Panna cotta or custard
        Ice cream

        1. I'm a stuffed-chicken-breast person myself, but I like to use relatively thick boneless skinless breasts & cut a pocket in them instead of pounding them thin. Then I stuff the pocked with goat cheese, seasonings, & chopped arugula or spinach. Flour & brown quickly in a little olive oil, then bake until cooked through.

          And while these are typically appetizers, we've frequently enjoyed them as a light supper - "Crab & Goat Cheese Nachos". Single layer of tortilla chips (different colors are nice) on a baking sheet. Sprinkle on lump crab meat, crumbled goat cheese, & shredded mozzarella. Bake at 350 until cheese is melted. Serve with salsas & guacamole on the side.

          1. I love it on pizza with roasted veggies, or with a fruity sauce in place of the traditional tomato sauce.

            It also goes great in a sandwich with chicken and roasted red peppers.

            To be honest, if it involves roasted veggies and goats cheese, you're onto a winner for me!

            1. This Farro with Greens and Goat Cheese is a favorite that I haven't made in too long. I use more goat cheese than it says and if I have them, sprinkle some toasted pistachios on top. Great as leftovers for lunch too. http://seattletimes.com/html/foodwine...

              1. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/586512

                There are some nice ideas in this older CH thread.

                On pizza is by far one of my favorite ways to use goat cheese.

                1. Linguine with red sauce, goat cheese, arugula. Sinful!

                  1. Not a recipe, but one of my favorite sandwiches includes prosciutto, goat cheese, sweet roasted peppers (Mancini or equivalent), a few basil leaves, a little oo, on a hoagie/wedge/grinder/ sub roll.

                    1. Saute sliced eggplant in a nonstick pan and layer in a casserole dish, followed by boneless chichen breasts done in the same ns pan. Top with a light but spicy marinara sauce and then sliced goat cheese. Bake for about 30 min. This is one of my favorite dishes when I have eggplant and chevre on hand.

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                        Just wanted to pop in and thank you for this idea. I made it last night, and it was tasty! http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/8926...

                        In fact, I'm having leftovers as breakfast/early lunch. ;)

                      2. Thanks for all these great ideas folks... keep them coming!

                        1. Here is a link to my favorite, an amazing spread that is one of my go-to dishes. People beg for this stuff.. and it is very easy:


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                            Oh and yes, as mentioned above, tarts! As many have mentioned. A tart is so easy to make, if you get the Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry. Suzanne Goin has many of these, one of which has goat cheese. This is terrific:


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                              Photo of the goat cheese spread

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                                Sounds delicious, I had a bit of the cheese on some crackers for a snack today along with some fresh cracked black pepper, so your spread just pumps that up to another level.

                                I also loooove tarts, but they usually don't fit into my calorie allowances for every day, I have to save them for special occasions :(

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                                  Thanks for posting this! I made it this weekend and everyone LOVED it! :)

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                                    hey! So glad you enjoyed it! I love it so much sometimes I just have the spread with good crusty bread for dinner.

                                    I do a fig chutney that goes well on it. And the chef of Union Square Cafe has a red pepper marmalade I make that is To Die For on top, if you are looking for toppings:

                                    Red Pepper Marmalade

                                    1 quart small diced red bell peppers
                                    1 1/ cups white wine vinegar 3
                                    2 cups sugar
                                    1 tablespoon chopped mint 1 pinch of salt

                                    Combine all ingredients in a heavy bottom stainless steel saucepot and simmer slowly until the marmalade reduces to a thick syrup. This should take about 1 hour. Refrigerate in a tightly sealed container for up to 2 months.

                                2. Spinach and Goat Cheese Pie, a recipe from The Greens Cookbook: 2 bunches scallions, 1-2 cloves chopped garlic, 1/2 t dried marjoram, and 1 T parsley cooked over med heat in 3 T butter for 1 minute. Add 1 lb spinach by handfuls to the pot + s&p and cook down. Beat 2 whole eggs & 2 egg yolks with half of a 5 oz goat cheese log, and add 1 C milk and 1 C heavy cream, dash nutmeg + s&p. Lay spinach in a partly baked pie crust, crumble the rest of the goat cheese on top, add custard, and bake 375o for 35-45 minutes. (I usually end up with extra custard.) That's what I buy Costco goat cheese logs to make -- it's much better than spinach quiche, but resembles it. Hope you try it!

                                  1. slice into discs, wrap with bacon and broil.

                                    cut bagette rounds, spread with honey, slice of goat cheese on top, broil, and add to a lovely salad... or appetizer.

                                    1. Goat cheese Croton

                                      Cut the goat cheese into your desired size (while soft).

                                      Coat with panko and put in the freeze for a couple of hours....

                                      Makea a great topping for a salad or soup. My friend first did this for butter nut squash shoup with cumin and choptle. but this will work well on salad or soup of you choice.

                                      1. My wife stuffs chicken thighs with goat cheese.

                                        Goat cheese is my favourite burger topping.

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                                        1. We really like this Cooking Light recipe. I usually make mashed sweet potatoes and green beans as sides. I love when the goat cheese sauce comingles with my potatoes! The fresh thyme really makes a difference -


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                                            Oh this sounds nice... good for a weeknight and good for my calorie counts :)

                                            In fact, I think I will make this tonight, since I was already planning on a similar dish with similar ingredients (minus the goat cheese) already! Thanks!

                                          2. You can sprinkle it on pizza with roasted red peppers and caramelized onions

                                            Use it as a "stuffing" for rolled up baked chicken with spinach and herbs.

                                            Use it in quiches

                                            Cut it into slices and bread them and do a quick pan-fry for salads

                                            Mix it in with mashed potatoes and roasted garlic

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                                              I like that mashed potatoes idea, I'm making some on Friday I think, and the pizza one too. Thanks :)

                                            2. This isn't a dinner recipe, but also not an appetizer. It's a yummy Goat Cheese Pudding dessert. http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/go...

                                              1. goat cheese, sundried tomato, black olive panini

                                                stick goat cheese in scrambled eggs

                                                pan fried goat cheese

                                                of course on pizza


                                                1. we cycle through cheeses in our house. most commonly fresh mozzarella and goat cheese, along with jarlsberg. right now, we have logs of both fresh mozzarella and goat cheese, so this past week, i've made...

                                                  grain (bulgur, barley, farro) cooked and mixed with diced roasted red peppers, chopped marinated artichoke hearts, sliced pimento olives, a sprinkle of diced sundried tomatoes, and optionally, cooked lentils, mixed with a lemon white wine vinaigrette and crumbled goat cheese.

                                                  cumin spiced lentil burger patties over spaghetti squash -- crumbled and cooked some turkey bacon, added some diced onions, a scallion thinly sliced, cooked with some minced garlic. added in some cumin, cinnamon, crushed red pepper flakes, onion powder, salt and pepper. then added some diced roasted peppers, some diced jalapeno slices, and cooked lentils. then i mixed with some egg and a little almond meal. formed patties and stuck in the fridge to set a little. cooked in pan over low heat, so they had time to warm and cook through before the outside charred. served simply over roasted spaghetti squash seasoned with salt and pepper, and topped with crumbled goat cheese. boy liked.

                                                  i also used it to top some ravioli last week, but think i may try tomorrow night something that includes it in the the filling rather than just as a garnish/topping.

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                                                    Hmmm.....I like the sound of the grain mixed with roasted red peppers and sundried tomatoes with the vinaigrette and goat cheese (I don't like olives, but I'm sure I could come up with another tangy add-in).

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                                                      (I don't like olives, but I'm sure I could come up with another tangy add-in).

                                                    1. re: ChristinaMason

                                                      Almost a savory baklava. Looks wonderful.

                                                    2. Oh my goodness, that all sounds so good!

                                                      I don't have a recipe but some of the best fudge I have ever had was made from goat's milk.

                                                      1. Black Bean and goat cheese quesadillas.

                                                        This recipe is on my permanent supper time rotation. We love it. I usually add shredded chicken too.


                                                        1. Yum. My favorite recipe-- two acorn squash cut into half (would make four servings), scrape the seeds out, and rub olive oil all over the interior. Season with salt and pepper, place cut side down on baking sheet and bake at 425 F until tender. I check for tenderness by poking a knife at the squash and if it slices clear through easily, its done.

                                                          Meanwhile, cook down some spinach (to taste... I use 1/2 of a bag but some people might like more) in a hot pan with some olive oil. I add a can's worth of black beans (drained/rinsed) and some garlic salt. Then I add one bag of Trader Joe's frozen brown rice (you could just add your own that you cooked yourself) and stir until the rice is heated up/thawed. I then add some goat cheese (again, to taste-- I use about 1/3 of a log which is plenty). Once the goat cheese is melted and everything is combined, I place the mixture into the acorn squash shells.

                                                          One of my favorite go-to recipes for a weeknight that I'm not in the mood to cook too much but want something that's great and not from a box.

                                                          1. I love it on a pizza with caramelized onions and fresh or dried figs. Mix it with a little olive oil to make it spreadable, then spread over your dough. Sprinkle on some fennel seed and a little dried or fresh thyme, then spread the caramelized onions over this and top with fig slices. If you're using dried figs, soak them in hot water first, then drain and slice.

                                                            1. Sorry if this was mentioned already, but this is one of my favorite, quick go-to meals for a weeknight...with the goat cheese. It's from Ina Garten:


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                                                                This looks great! I pinned to my Pinterest to make soon. Along with the logs of goat cheese, I also bought a giant bag of sun-dried tomatoes so this would help use those up.

                                                              2. I love making a hockey puck size goat cheese bombs rolled in panko bread crumbs and lightly sauteed so it melts a little and then placed on a warm spinach salad.
                                                                Pizza with goat cheese
                                                                Frittata with halved heirloom tomt's with goat cheese
                                                                Chicken breast stuffed with goat cheese, walnuts and spinach and rolled with panko
                                                                Baby peppers halved stuffed with goat cheese and warmed in the toaster oven.

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                                                                1. re: Beach Chick

                                                                  I'm seriously craving goat cheese right now, and that's after I finished lasagna for lunch that had cheese (not goat cheese) in it! The chicken breast idea you recommend sounds good, BC!

                                                                  1. re: LindaWhit

                                                                    What is up my BOS sista!

                                                                    I pound those bad boys up and roll with panko and I zip it up on both ends since I put so much goat cheese that can clog most arterial walls and it tends to ooze out..
                                                                    I've made meatless lasagna with goat cheese along with Eggplant Parm and both are excellent with little goat cheese globs..

                                                                    1. re: LindaWhit

                                                                      Agreed, that chicken sounds good. I have some walnuts to use up before they go bad in my fridge.

                                                                  2. Oops, posted on wrong thread....

                                                                    I have the same problem so this is a timely post to revive!

                                                                    Here are a few I want to try