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Feb 18, 2013 11:08 AM

Birthday group dinner suggestions

Hi all,

I'm trying to plan a birthday dinner for the upcoming Friday or Saturday (a bit last-minute, I know), for somewhere in Manhattan, preferably American food (though I'm flexible on this) for <$25pp. I haven't been able to find a good one yet through my Chowhound and Yelp searches. Thanks for the help!

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  1. I went to Nicoletta on 2nd Ave and 10th St. They had a deal - $23/pp +tax+tip included pizza and lots of small plates & appetizers. (No drinks included). They don't normally take reservations for small parties, but you don't say how many people you're talking about. It might be worth reaching out to them if you have a bunch of people.

    1. How many people in your party?

      Under $25pp for just food? Are you willing to go higher?

      For just $25pp you'll probably have to go with burgers, Chinese food, pizza, or BBQ if your group is large.

      Have you tried looking on OpenTable already? For Saturday for 6 people (as an example), I see availability at The Brindle Room, Burger & Barrel, Forcella Bowery, Forcella Park Ave S, Fatta Cuckoo, Gnocco, Hill Country, Peels, Rubirosa, and Veselka Bowery.

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        Sry, forgot to mention that I have 8-10 ppl.

        I'll look into those suggestions. Thanks!
        I guess Yelp is somewhat misleading. I had looked at Veselka, but Yelp said no reservations so I gave up on that, but if it's on Opentable, I might try it.

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          There are two Veselka's now. The newer location on Bowery takes reservations; the first one on 2nd Ave and 9th doesn't.

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            Oh I see. I'll try the Bowery location out, if I can't find anything else on Opentable (I'd forgotten about Opentable). Thanks everyone!

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            With that size group and that budget, I'd call different Chinese restaurants starting with Oriental Garden. You can work out a lineup of dishes within a budget with a manager, and my experience is that he'll come back with a lineup of dishes that is at least 2 too many, so be conservative.