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Feb 18, 2013 11:06 AM

Fujiya Honten Tokyo?

Several years ago my husband & I had a fantastic night at a tachi-nomi called Fujiya Honten in Tokyo, near Shibuya station. We are going back to Tokyo soon and I'd love to go back there but when I search for it I find information about a new wine bar. Does anyone know if the old place is still there? Or is it just the wine bar now?

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  1. It's still there. And they have a couple of wine bars. One in Shibuya and another in Sangenjaya.

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    1. re: Silverjay

      I thought the honten was a standing wine bar. Do they have a separate sit-down wine bar in Shibuya?

      1. re: Robb S

        The honten I went to with Tripeler is a Showa style dive akachochin place. I haven't been to either wine bar. I just passed them on the street. The one I saw in Sangenjaya had some tables and a counter to sit I think. It was during the day though and I was looking through the window.

      2. re: Silverjay

        Great, thanks! The dive is the one we're looking for.

        1. re: e001

          The dive is in the basement. There is no akachochin (red paper lantern), only a little black sign. The wine bar has the same name Fujiya Honten, and is in the same building on the opposite side, and is on the first floor just opposite a Kirin City pub. Both are great places, but the basement joint is very cheap and memorable, and the food is surprisingly good for the price. I have never been to the wine bar in Sangenjaya.