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Feb 18, 2013 11:05 AM

Sabra pizza on Central Ave Cedarhurst closing today!

After 41 years in operation Sabra Pizza is closing and I assume the adjoining Ruthies as well. Anyone know why? They appeared to be busy whenever I went.

Now there is a big gaping hole on Central Ave with Sabra, Ruthies and King David's Deli all being closed. Mind you there is no shortage of kosher eateries with two pizza stores within a mnutes walk from Sabra, still a shame since Sabra's pizza was the best.

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  1. I agree with you that Sabra was the best. Anyway, I heard that their rent was being raised by a significant amount and they couldn't afford to stay in business. It's a shame.

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      I went today with my granddaughter. Sabra did not have any fries which my granddaughter wanted so we went to Davids. Not crazy about their pizza but they were packed, hardly a place to sit. Sabra meanwhile was empty, they left us in a wimper.


    2. The high rent did them in. Same reason King David closed, same landlord.

      1. I went to Sabra's reincarnation "pizza-le". Same menu and workers. They renovated the inside (finally). Pizza was as good as Sabra's

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          Thanks for the heads up. My restricted diet precludes pizza but in 17 pounds from now I know where to go :)

          1. re: MartyB

            They have a salad bar. Not sure if sabra had it also. Good luck with your diet...