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Feb 18, 2013 11:00 AM

German Food in Hill Country?

I've heard that the New Braunfels area has a lot of German history? We're coming down later this week from Boston, where there is a dearth of good German food. Any "Chowish" recommendations? We'll be driving between Austin and San Antonio, and are prepared to leave the main roads in search of good stuff!
Thanks in advance!

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  1. In Boerne (say Bernie) there's Little Gretel for some wonderful German food. The two places in Fredericksburg are Auslander on East Main and Friedhelms Bavarian Inn on West Main. Little Gretel is BY FAR the best choice, about 30 miles away, offering an array of sausages, snitzels and spaetzel, red cabbage, dumplings, etc. There's also the Dodging Duck Bruhaus, just down the road from L.G. As to San Antonio, I don't know of one good German place. There's one on Babcock (I think) called "Old World" or something like that. Went there once and it was dreadful; whereas everything I've had at L.G. has been delightful. Good luck.

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      Sounds delish, but it looks like it's a bit too far off our beaten path for this trip. Thanks though!

    2. There's actually not many German restaurants in New Braunfels. Friesenhaus was pretty good. Stay clear of Oma's House, the beef roulade I got was fresh out of the freezer with little taste and the sauce had clotted.
      Little Gretel left a little more to be desired. It's more interpretive food than I wanted when we went there last month.
      The Rathskeller in Fredricksburg was pretty good.Auslander can be up and down on a moment's notice. Friedhelm's on the other end of town is pretty consistent, but we usually get one of their steaks there. Altdorf Biergarten is good, we like it better than Auslander and when the weather is good, you can sit outside.

      1. Not exactly on your route - it's about a half-hour or so north of Austin depending upon where in Austin you are - but for my money, the best German food in Central Texas is at the Walburg Restaurant.

        I lived in Germany for four years as a child and developed such a love for those flavors. Was pretty happy when we moved to Austin and somebody recommended the Walburg Restaurant.

        A few years back, we hosted a German exchange high-school student, and took her to Walburg whenever she got too lonesome for home. I particularly recall one conversation. We were having the potato soup and she said something to the effect that she loved it. I asked her if that was something that her mother made her and she said, "Yes, all the time. But my mother's is not this good."

        She got into a conversation (in German) with the fellow that owned the restaurant and she told us that he had said that when he first opened it, several years back, he couldn't understand why the pork tasted so different when he was preparing it identically as he did in Germany. He finally figured out that it was the pork itself that tasted different. So he imported a strain of hogs from Germany and began raising them himself.

        You do need reservations. It's a long way to go to just be turned away at the front door.

        Believe me, I know.

        1. There is a new german restaurant in New Braunfels called the Alpine Haus.I haven't tried it or the Friesenhaus.
          Ate once with my dad years ago at Oma's Haus.Was alright,but nothing like grandma's cooking or Mader's in Milwaukee where my dad was from.
          There is a place in Kirby called the Bavarian Haus or Bavarian Inn.The town of Kirby is east of San Antonio on FM 78.You can see reviews on Yelp and Urban Spoon .
          Haven't been there yet either but it has good reviews.