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Feb 18, 2013 10:04 AM

Kid "friendly" restauratns in Montreal

We love going to Montreal with just adults and our favorite place is probably Liverpool House, we have also done APDC. We are looking for a place to go with kids this time for good quality food. Can I bring them to L'Express early in the evening? Or any other recommendations out there?

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  1. It depends on your kids! How old are they ? Are they picky ? (I assume not, since you are wanting to bring them along)

    You can brings them pretty much everywhere, except a few exceptions, mostly high-end restaurants because it might be too boring for them.

    L'Express is nice and bustling, not the best food in town, but solid; get an early table; maybe better, would be Lemeac.

    La Salle a Manger is also nice for kids, that would be my pick.

    1. Like Max wrote, you can take them pretty much anywhere. It all depends on how restaurant-firendly your kids are.

      1. I will depend on the kids but I have taken mine almost everywhere. I find that more "ethnic" (oh! I hate this word but I lack of an alternative) restaurant tend to be more accommodating: chinese, portuguese, etc. But we went a few times to Lawrence with my boy (15 month old now) and it was perfect, Grumman 78 is also good for children (they don't have high chairs though). But for sure, you can go to APDC with kids.

        1. You can bring a kid to L'Express pretty much at any time with no problem, as you can at most restaurants - unless they are really young, in which case you'd want to dine early, to be served and out quicker than you might otherwise be. As Max says, you can bring kids pretty much anywhere in Montreal, as long as they will eat what's on the menu - and in my experience, many places will prepare off-menu dishes for kids as well (plain pastas with butter and cheese, etc.).

          1. Depending on whether you're from out of town or locals, here are a few places we've brought our kids to (only difference is that I wouldn't recommend going to the "local" suggestions below if you're from out of town, as they are more "neighborhood" joints):

            out of towners:
            Le Jardin de Panos: does lunch and dinner. Serves typical Greek food in the Plateau. Food is ok, but kids will enjoy the garden area, and the area is nice to explore after/before your meal. This is also a BYOW mind you.

            Reuben's Deli: does breakfast, lunch and dinner. Ideal place for a quick bite while shopping downtown.

            Bistro on the Avenue: does brunch, lunch and dinner. Serves classic French bistro food in Westmount, nothing spectacular, but good for kids (picture of French onion soup below).

            Jano: does lunch and dinner. Serves typical Portuguese food on Saint-Laurent.

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              Janos is a good suggestion if you are in the area. It is informal, tasty and the menu is kid friendly. Fries and grilled meats. I love the place!

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                +1 Janos.

                The Main Deli right across the street is also a good spot with kids. Went there with a 2 year old once, no probs.