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Feb 18, 2013 10:00 AM

The most exotic foods you can find in NYC

Me and the wife are planning on a scavenger hunt in NYC this afternoon. We want to try small dishes that are found very few places outside their home country, Things like grasshopper tacos and guinea pig...

What should we eat and where?

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  1. Many Asian/Chinese restaurants will have delicacies like duck tongue etc..
    Mapo Tofu in Murray Hill and Hunan Manor across the street come to mind.
    At Salvation Taco you can get Grilled Lamb tongue and Crispy Pig Ears.

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      The crispy pig ear dish at Momofuku Ssam Bar right now is really good. Crispy pig ear, lettuce wrap, yuzu kosho, umezuki, thai basil.

    2. Since you mention grasshopper tacos specifically, they have them at Toloache. There are a few locations -- I had them on 50th Street. Link goes to my photo on Foodspotting.

        1. You can get pig ear tacos (oreja) at the taco stand on Broadway and 71st. Also lengua (tongue) - if that qualifies for your list.

          1. Do they still serve Kangaroo meat in Public?

            Live octopus at Sik Gaek in Woodside, NY..I don't find this exotic but I guess to most people, it is.

            Aligator meat at Natori..if they are still open for business.

            Takashi has a few exotic stuff on their menu too i believe.