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Feb 18, 2013 09:06 AM

Best Ethiopian

In West Philly?

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  1. Abyssinia is my favorite, food-wise. Be prepared for spotty and slow service, though. It never bothered me as long as I went into it prepared to be there awhile.

    1. We tried Queen of Sheba a few months ago, and the food was fantastic; on par with Abyssinia, which I like a lot.

      And although Queen of Sheba's dive-bar atmosphere carries over into their dining room, I have to say that the service is more prompt and attentive than I've experienced at Abyssinia.

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      1. re: gina

        Ended up at Ethio Cafe. Nice place, nice people, cheap eats, but kind of bland.

      2. I haven't been there in a while, but I've had good food at Kaffa Crossing, which is actually a coffee shop.

        1. Is there a consensus on best ethiopian in Philly, period? I read there's a shop in Rittenhouse, another near Fishtown, and one more in Olde City besides the West-Philly staples.

          On a somewhat related note, do any of the Ethiopian restaurants in Philadelphia offer gluten-free (just teff) injera?

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          1. re: dndicicco

            Where are the ones near Fishtown and in Old City?

            1. re: barryg

              I may have my neighborhoods off, but I have a friend who swears by ERA. It's on Poplar street in "Brewerytown"; to me anything north of Callowhill is Northern Libs and if very north it's Fishtown. ;)

              The other place is Baklava Cafe, which now that I look closer is in Society Hill. Instead of being a dive bar + Ethiopian restaurant as is usual (e.g., Queen of Sheba and ERA), Baklava apparently is a Mediterranean restaurant that does Ethiopian now.

              1. re: dndicicco

                Thanks, I knew about Era (that's not Fishtown :)) but didn't know Baklava was doing Ethiopian food.

                1. re: barryg

                  Went to Baklava just this past week for Ethiopian food. We were the only guests on a Thursday night, and I was concerned that the wait might be long, but it was very prompt. Ordered the mixed meat and vegetable platter. It was good - a little spicier than I would like, though. Perhaps this would be a plus for someone else.

                  I have generally been disappointed in Ethiopian food in Philadelphia, so very interested in others' recommendations. Would also be interested in knowing if anyone local does 100% teff injera.

                2. re: dndicicco

                  I'm glad to hear there's Ethiopian on the east side of Philly now! I was very excited and a little perplexed at your mention of an Old City or Society Hill spot. Baklava Cafe is actually at 627 South Street. I think I know where I'm having dinner tonight. :D

                  1. re: gina

                    I had lunch delivered from Baklava last week, the vegetarian combo. Not a lot of spicy heat, but the flavors were very nice.

                    1. re: gina

                      Good to hear. In answer to Hansel, I have not found anyone in Philadelphia that does 100% teff injera. I've called around too and the responses have been somewhat confused, so there's a chance that if you get the right person (i.e., cook or owner) on the phone you could get them to go gluten-free, 100% teff. That'd be awesome.