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Feb 18, 2013 08:48 AM

Costco Cherry Pomegranate Habanero Sauce -- repurposed for dessert

This is great on grilled meats or fish, but I pondered how it would take us months to use up this large (37 oz) jar.

Flash of inspiration -- sundaes and milkshakes. This stuff is great! Don't be put off by the habanero; you know it's there, but it doesn't blast your mouth. If you didn't know it was in there, you'd just be intrigued by the nice flavor side note.

Robert Rothschild Farm is the brand and it's near the bbq and soy sauces.

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  1. I could spread that on toast or a bagel with shemere of cream cheese! Maybe mix it in a dip, wow!

    1. I haven't seen the one you bought but I did buy their pineapple/habanero sauce and it's terrific; a perfect balance of sweet and heat. I love your idea about using it on ice cream.

      1. Outrageous price for a sauce that doesn't deliver. It's not spicy in the least. Unless you find pancake syrup spicy. If a product boasts habenero on the label, then it should be spicy. Just my humble opinion. It shouldn't taste like cherry cough syrup.

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          This thread was started more than two years ago? Is this sauce still available at Costco? I remember buying a raspberry chipotle sauce at Costco that we liked, but it was only available for a short time.