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Feb 18, 2013 07:44 AM

Pranzo at Eataly

Last Friday was the first Friday of Lent so we went to Eataly as is our custom during Lent to have lunch at either Verdure or Pesce (no meat on Fridays during Lent). Both were pretty much packed, so we decided to try Pranzo as the menu they are featuring this month was heavy on fish and seafood. What a delightful surprise it was. Although we are frequent shoppers and diners at Eataly, we had not yet tried Pranzo. I'm so glad we did. Since the space it occupies is used as the cooking school on weekends and evenings, the setup is unique. The kitchen is right up front and you can watch the chefs at work the whole time you are there; plus, there are two video monitors focused on the cooktop area so you can actually see what is cooking as they prepare it. Fascinating for anyone who loves to cook.

We started with a salad of braised octopus and calamari, fingerling potatoes, celery, pickled onions and chilies and a zuppa of white bean and escarole. The soup was supposed to have a drizzle of spicy soppresata oil on it, but since I was going meatless, they substituted a generous drizzle of olive oil from Calabria, the region featured this month.
For our entrees, we had scialatielli alle cozze, a housemade pasta with mussels, white wine, jalapeno and marjoram and a pesce fritto, a fried dover sole served with meyer lemon, shaved fennel, olives, capers and limoncello. For dessert we shared a baba au rhum. There was not one false note in the whole meal. All was simply prepared and absolutely delicious. Pranzo is a great find for lunch. I highly recommend it.

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    1. Sounds very good indeed. I noticed when I was at, I think, Marea (or perhaps Lincoln) that Dover sole was crazily high-priced. Was that the case at Pranzo, also? It seems, from what I read (yes, in Wikipedia -, that genuine Dover sole from Europe is endangered, whereas a Pacific species that gets called "Dover sole" seems to be more common.

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        To be honest, I did not look at the price since I did not pay the bill. As for the provenance of the sole, I did not ask.

      2. I just have to give a shout out to Pranzo once again. Seems like I'm the only one on this board who goes there! This month they are featuring the region of Piemonte and the menu is exquisite! Just got back from lunch and since it's raining, we had the place to ourselves for about 3/4 of the meal. Since the kitchen is right out in the open, it was like having a private chef! The current menu is located here:

        We had the Insalata di Cavolo e Patate; Agnolotti del Plin; Baccala; Bistecca di Razza Piemontese; and for dolce, the Torta di Nocciole e Zabajone. It was all delicious without exception.