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Feb 18, 2013 07:25 AM

The absolute worst barbeque I've had in some time.

Took myself to lunch and not having the time to drive too far I went to the Chisholm Trail Ale house and BBQ at 183 and Spicewood Springs. I used to loath Rudy's but in comparison Chisholm trail was decidedly awful I will not be back.

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  1. I clicked on this one because I love barbeque, not paying attention to which regional board I was entering.
    In any case I don't live anywhere near Austin but for the benefit of those who do perhaps it would be more helpful if you can elaborate about exactly _what_ was so bad about it (if for no other reason than to help dispel the impression that you may in some way be connected to a competing bbq joint. LOL).

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      Sure, and by the way I don't have a competin barbeque business unless you count the pit in my back yard. I ordered the rib plate. The counterman reached into a warmer and sliced off three ribs. They were gray and tasteless, no smoke ring and the membrane was still on the back. The two sides I selected were cole slaw and pinto beans. More like bean soup and overloaded with cumin, nio salt to speak of and try as I might even Cholula could not improve their taste. The other side was cole slaw. Absolutely no flavor at all just chopped cabbage and a shred or two of carrot. All this for nine bucks. Oh their slogan, "The best que in the 512 (area code)" At least Rudy's is somewhat honest, thei slogan is :the worst BBQ in Texas" The used to be correct.

    2. The Chisolm Trail in Lockhart is the worst of the BBQ places in Lockhart too.