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Feb 18, 2013 07:25 AM

Merguez sausage

Yesterday, I bought a coil of all-lamb merguez sausage that weighed a few ounces over a pound from a reputable source. This was my first time buying merguez. I pan fried it just as I would a coil of luganiga but the merguez exuded much more liquid (mostly fat) than any pork sausage I have ever cooked. When I was done cooking it, I had almost a full small rocks glass of mostly fat that had rendered from the merguez. The finished product was very tasty and I would buy it again, but I wondering if this is typical of merguez. Thanks.

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  1. Should be typical of any sausage: without fat, sausage is nothing.

    My suggestion would be to cook it gently, finishing it over coals to keep as much of the juice in the casing as much as possibl for as long as possible. Merguez, btw, begs and was made for charcoal- you won't regret it.

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      Thanks. Charcoal is out of the question right now since it is winter where I live. Plus, I am on the top floor of a 15-story building and when I grill, it is on my terrace. Between 25 degree weather and whipping winds, grilling is not an option.

      "Should be typical of any sausage: without fat, sausage is nothing."

      Yes, I realize that, but like I mentioned in my first post, it was more fat than I have ever encountered. A lot more. Thanks anyway for taking the time to respond.

    2. Nope, I've not had that issue with merguez. Maybe try a different supplier?

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        Thanks Harters, I will try another butcher next time. The merguez I mad though was extremely delicious; it just let off so much liquid/fat that it made for a lot of cleaning up of the stovetop later on.

      2. I recently tried merguez and I noticed a lot of liquid also. I saved it and mixed a spoonful into the dog's food each night. She is spoiled. It might work well next time I make home fries.
        I found the merguez salty. Maybe my butcher?
        I served it over pasta with snow peas, sundried tomatoes and artichoke hearts with some shaved provolone. Fantastic.