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Feb 18, 2013 07:20 AM

Salvation Taco

Salvation Taco on E 39 St is a new gem in Murray Hill. It's in the old Salvation Army building attached to the lobby of the Pod Hotel.
There is a very creative and interesting menu of mainly small plates. We had freshly made guacamole and several varieties of tacos and a pork belly/pineapple salad that knocked my socks off.
They have a nice vibrant vibe and are open fairly late.
Breakfast too but we have not tried it.
Anyone else tried it???

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  1. Yup - some great mixed drinks and snacks.

    The sweetbread and lamb tacos are my favorites.

    1. I went about two weeks ago with a big group and really enjoyed it. We were there from about 6 p.m. 'til midnight—we tried almost everything.

      Their happy hour special is three al pastor tacos and a Modelo for $10 from 5-7 p.m. Great deal.

      I also loved the fish tacos, and the tomatillo-jicama salad. Even the vegetarian in our group was very satisfied.

      1. Been a few times for dinner, before and after happy hour started, as well as for lunch on a weekend.

        The lamb lengua torta for lunch is excellent in terms of texture and flavor, quite tender but a bit overseasoned perhaps, chimichurri helps. The torta does a decent job of keeping it all in, pre-sliced in half for easy consumption.

        As for tacos, I found them to be a bit small for the price - what really shined for me as far as bar snacks go were the pig ears and the chicken feet but the fry job can vary a bit which affects texture. The happy hour special is the other saving grace on the menu in terms of price.

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          how packed is it around 5pm? we were thinking of having a quick pre-theater bite/drink

            1. re: Motosport

              thanks, will keep this in mind. . .cheers for that

        2. This place is great.The pig ears are amazing. The lamb tongue Torta is excellent. The tacos are great , but only 3 kinds are available for lunch, more choices for dinner.