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Feb 18, 2013 07:04 AM

German Food in Hill Country?

I've heard that the New Braunfels area has a lot of German history? We're coming down later this week from Boston, where there is a dearth of good German food. Any "Chowish" recommendations? We'll be driving between Austin and San Antonio, and are prepared to leave the main roads in search of good stuff!
Thanks in advance!

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  1. I can't speak for New Braunfels but a bit further north in Wahlberg there is an authentic German restauraunt. I can say that because I was born in Germany and that's all my mother ever cooked.

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      I just looked on the map--it's North of Austin. We weren't planning on going in that direction, but if you vouch for it's worth, we'll consider it. Thanks! What is the restaurant called?

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          I take that back, it's the Wahlberg German Restaurant.

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            My parents live fairly close to there - it's good food, and a great beer garden. In the middle of the country.

    2. I would agree with ericthrered. The best German food I had in Central Texas was in Wahlberg.

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        Some years back, we had a German exchange student. When she was craving food from home, we went to Walburg. She got into a lively chat (in German) with the owner. He said, among other things, that when he first got to Central Texas, he couldn't make the pork taste like it did back in Germany. Was initially puzzled, but then realized it was a different breed of pig. So he imported some pigs from Germany to raise so the pork would taste the same.

        One of my favorite dishes there is the potato soup. We all ordered it, and I asked Heidi, our student, if this was something that her mother made.

        And she said, "Yes. But this is much much better than my mother's."

      2. Welfare Cafe in Welfare is not exactly on the way but a pretty drive from there to Austin and the best German food I've head in the area.