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Feb 18, 2013 06:47 AM

Best new bakery in South Slope-Leskes

Just stopped into Leskes the new bakery that moved from Bay Ridge to 5th ave and 16th st in the south slope. Wow. Thought these types of bakeries disappeared-fantastice turnovers, danish, cookies, eclairs, cream puffs, cakes, donutes, best black and white cookies-they even have homemade hostess cupcakes and twinkies.

This will definitely be my guilty pleasure

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  1. Unless Bloomberg bans sugar, buttercream and bakeries of this ilk, I hope your guilty pleasure becomes that of thousands of others. Now if only they'd incorporate some old-fashioned Jewish bakery classics like rugelach (the real stuff, like Margaret Palca's) and salt-sticks.

    The management team has chef Harry Hawk on it...definitely an innovator and veteran of some great foodie places. He had that cool Stahlmeyer's hot dog place on Union Street (near Columbia Street) for awhile and I'm pretty sure he brought some "new-age" stuff to Smith Street.

    1. I bellieve I am correct in saying Leskes did not MOVE FROM bay ridge, but have opened a second store in the slope. I love their scandinavian stuff and hope that the standards stay as high -

      do try stuff like the pecan rings ("danish pastry"), kringle etc- the traditional items that have plenty of butter and almond paste.

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        Yes, indeed...tried and loved Leske's "bear claw", with just the right amount of almond-flavored goodness, crunchy and well done.

        That makes two great almond-y treats coming to the Slope/Gowanus area, if you put the indescribable, ethereal Runner & Stone almond croissant into the mix.