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Feb 18, 2013 06:10 AM

Seven Sows Bourbon and Larder, Asheville

Menu is up - sounds incredible:

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  1. I just drooled on my laptop. If anyone learns a firm opening date, please post here.

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    1. re: Jeff C.

      Open on Tuesday - we have rezzies for Saturday! So excited to report back!

      1. re: miss piggy

        You lucky girl! Just don't make the reservation under Miss Piggy...with a name like Seven Sows they might begin eying you with a little too much appreciation!


        1. re: miss piggy

          Crap! Just as I'm headed out of town. We expect a full report after! <winky smiley>

          1. re: miss piggy

            any feedback on this one, miss piggy? we're thinking of trying them soon.

            1. re: mark

              Going on Saturday, will definitely report back ASAP!

              1. re: miss piggy

                Here's my dinner report!

                First of all, the space looks really good. It's a little kitschy, Southern shabby-chic, but in a good way. Lots of little neat details in the dining room and bathroom that add to the ambiance. They've built in a few booth spaces along the left wall that sit under a roof so they feel very private - I liked that our party of 4 was seated in one of those and would ask for one again next time. We had a reservation but they don't seat incomplete parties so we went to the bar while we waited for our friends. Excellent bourbon selection and cocktail list - I had a drink made with Wellers, basil, aged balsamic, and ginger ale that was really good.

                We started with 2 apps - shaved ham board and fried chicken liver crostini. I'm not a chicken liver fan in general but the others loved these. 3 large ones for $8. The ham board was about $16 but it was a nice large portion for sharing between the 4 of us - three kinds of ham, a small selection of really delicious cheese, a few crostini, some tasty pickled root veggies and some smears of Lusty Monk mustard and Texas Pete mayo. It was excellent.

                For dinner I had the tilefish over Carolina rice risotto with a smoky tomato coulis and Benton's bacon. Benton's is just the best (some of their ham was on the app board as well). I actually thought the risotto was pretty bland - heavy on the cream, needed salt or parm cheese or something. But mixing in the smoked tomato sauce fixed that. Very good, a nice large portion for less than $20. Hubbie had the fried chicken with crawfish Mac and cheese and greens - wow. This was awesome. $17 and he got a breast, a leg and a thigh plus the mac which had big chunks of crawfish. The chicken was amazing - best we've had in Asheville (and we love you Junction, Homegrown and Tupelo Honey!). Fabulous. Our friends had the pigs head meatloaf and small pates of oysters + quail - we didn't try any but they liked theirs too.

                Service was slow. Sweet, but slow. We were pretty relaxed in our ordering as well, so maybe she was feeding off of us, but it took a while to get our food. It seemed a little hectic in there and I'm sure they are still working out some grand opening kinks.

                Was it as good as The Admiral? In my opinion, not quite...but it was still delicious. We will most definitely be back. I'm also itching to try their brunch.

                1. re: miss piggy

                  miss piggy,
                  Thanks for the great review. I've got a reservation on Thursday and can't wait. Will report after.

                  1. re: NANCY

                    Please do, I'm interested to hear what you think!

                    1. re: mustardgirl

                      Agreed! I'm all over that brunch menu. I stuck my head in there on Friday night (after a fantastic dinner at the Admiral) and asked about brunch. They said not that weekend (the one just past, march 23rd) but probably the following. It will be sat and sun...i failed to ask how long they'll serve, but assuming we can get there in time, i'll check it out on a saturday soon.

                    2. re: miss piggy

                      Thanks so much for the detailed report, Miss Piggy. Can't wait to try this place.

            2. Yeah... this will be awesome.

              1. Holy crap! Looks like a trip to Asheville is in my near future

                  1. This is exciting as hell! Some very serious talent and creativity in this venture. Definitely on my list to try in the coming months!