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Feb 18, 2013 04:50 AM

Hot Action in Westerly

Living almost 40 years now in this town, I can't recall a time period with so many comings and goings on the restaurant scene. Here are a few:

Markos is gone. Not surprised--I never saw anyone there. Heard 3rd hand that they're moving back to Narragansett, which they never should have left. Can anyone confirm?

Dylans is gone for back taxes. The owner of Prime Time Cafe is planning to open a Mexican place in that venue. Smart move since Senor Flaco's is gone and so is Cody's which served some Mexican style dishes.

84 High Street moved around the corner to Senor Flacos. The Cooked Goose announced plans to open a new restaurant where Cody's used to be. They'll retain their Avondale location.

Hot or Not closed about 5 weeks after opening. Had one breakfast and it was totally incompetent. And what's going in there? Billias Mediterranean Grill--the same restaurant that failed in that space before the Thai places came in about 6 years ago!

The Irish pub, The Brazen Hen, still hasn't opened. Anyone know what's holding it up?

Finally, there's a little storefront in Mill Pond Plaza called Chicken Busters. Looks like takeout only, boasting Portuguese style roast chicken, whatever that is. The place is almost invisible and I haven't seen any advertising. it may be gone as I write.

Anything I may have forgotten?

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  1. Just remembered another: A China Buffet is moving into the ill-fated Ume next to Stop & Shop.

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      We visited the Brazen Hen's sister property, the Black Sheep in Niantic, over the weekend. The bartender indicated that they were planning on opening sometime in April. Hopefully, there will be enough business to go around.

    2. The original comment has been removed