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Feb 18, 2013 04:32 AM

Shalom Bombay

Has anyone been to Shalom Bombay? How is the lunch buffet?

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  1. Excellent. I've been with ppl who keep kosher and those who don't and all like/love the place.

    1. If you want to make less of an investment in trying, they have a Groupon available.

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        1. re: tamarw

          It's here:

          Looks like it's available until midnight on 2/20. As oreyyo mentioned, it doesn't cover lunch.

        2. re: CloggieGirl

          The goup deals usually exclude the lunch buffet, check the fine print.

          The buffet is ~$13.95 a person, and well worth it. They usually have 2 types of chicken, a lamb dish, a few hot vegetable dishes, salad, naan and some sort of dessert.

        3. I'm very fond of both the buffet and the menu.

          1. Shalom Bombay is great. One of my favorite places to go in the city.

            1. Teaneck or Manhattan? I've been to the one in Teaneck, and the food was bad, bordering on inedible. My husband says the lunch buffet in Manhattan was a good value but the food was unremarkable. His non-kosher eating coworkers were less than impressed.

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              1. re: PotatoPuff

                The branch in Teaneck has been closed for at least 2 years now. (Plus, I strongly disagree on the food quality of the Teaneck branch; we really enjoyed our meals there.)

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                  It's pretty straightforward. they offer vegetables and meat simmered in various curried sauces. You spoon some over your rice. Choose some chutneys/condiments. they pour you some tea. It's a very nice way to have lunch.

                  I suppose it's about expectations. I walk in expecting a buffet in a curry shop with tablecloths. And I like it.