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Feb 17, 2013 11:20 PM

Bistro du Midi

Going tomorrow night for my Bday celebration. Anythng not to miss on the menu?

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  1. The barbajuans are scrumptious.

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        Sort of a French/Italian version of spanikopita. Puff pastry with veggie filling? Very nice, but I lreally like the fried artichoke stems. Great with cocktails.

    1. Hi Bistro du Midi is one of our favorites. Very nice room, very good service, great food and cocktails. On a visit a couple of months ago they were featuring some delicious pasta dishes that we thoroughly enjoyed. I have tried several of their Cru's for a starter and enjoyed them. I have also had the Breast of Duck (very good) and the Daube of Beef (so-so). They also have a special Roast Chicken (for two people) that always looks and smells fantastic but I have never been there with someone who would share it with me. They have a classic bouillabaisse that I think is one of the best versions in Boston. We always share the Beignets with chocolate sauce for dessert.