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good eating spot for Tuesday night.. not too loud?

trying to set up some friends and so going on a casual "double date" on tuesday night (8:45-ish). was thinking 416 snack bar but i hear the place is small, noisy and crowded.. will that be the case on a tuesday?

can anyone suggest a place downtown that has some good food (with some vegetarian options - i'm the only veg of the group), is conducive to conversation that doesn't require too much yelling and is open till at least 11pm?

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    1. Marben or Richmond Station or Gabardine if you want a resto proper. Queen & Beaver if you're okay with pub-ish (very refined and British pub mind you).

      1. How about Woodlot - much easier to get a table on a Tuesday, great vegetarian menu and a warm, buzzy yet "talkable" atmosphere?

        1. thanks for the recos!

          i wanted to find some place with a lower price point because of the awkwardness of who is gonna be paying since it is a date set-up, etc.. if they insist on paying, i don't want it to be too expensive (whereas if we split it, i am fine with the cost). awkwardness of first dates and all. :)

          some other ideas i was thinking initially:
          playa cabana

          so, that kinda price point. i love some of the places mentioned, like woodlot, but mains are in the 20s so it could get costly..

          any other ideas?

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            County General ($13-18 for mains, kitchen closes at 11pm)
            La Carnita (better choice than Playa I think. The wait on a Tuesday should be no more than 30min)
            Kalendar & Utopia (not adventurous, but solid food. Easy on the wallet)

            I love 416, but it is what it is - a snack bar, not filling food. The noise level is actually quite tolerable on week days.

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              Kalendar is a little more date-y than Utopia or La Carnita, in my book. That said, they're all solid options.

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              Terroni sounds perfect as it seems you want a lively place. As well you may consider Gusto 101.

              Queen Mother may work too.

            3. Maybe Sidecar. Bonuses are that you can make an opentable reservation and they have a prix fixe menu available, making it easier on the wallet:


              I love Playa Cabana but find it so noisy!

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                +1 for Sidecar, that's what I was coming here to recommend.

              2. If you are content with small plates and wine, then Mavrik Wine Bar on Queen could be a good pick. I've always enjoyed the food and atmosphere and there are veggie options. Great if you don't want to commit to a full meal.

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                  I am always curious about that place. There are always signs out with marked down bottle promotions.
                  How does it compare to Czechowsky?

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                    Sorry I couldn't say as I've actually never been to Czehoski.

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                      the one time i have been to czehoski, i thought the food was terrible, as did my friends. this was a few years ago though..

                2. strada 241, probably my favourite casual italian spot in TO right now.

                  1. thanks for all the suggestions, everyone! this is a great list for future. :)

                    ended up going to playa cabana! we were able to make a reservation. i liked the vibe there and it was easy to hear each other talk, even though the place was full. my companions thought the food was really good, but i thought it was only okay (i had the veg mole dish). a good night overall though..

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                      More importantly, was it a love match? ;)

                      Also looking for a spot for a meal next week on a Tuesday so your thread came in handy (also looking for "not too loud" spots..)..

                      1. re: ylsf

                        it was.. i make a pretty good cupid if i do say so myself ;)

                        enjoy next tuesday!

                        btw, food-wise, i prefer la carnita (cheaper too), but atmosphere-wise, i prefer playa cabana. it was louder at la carnita too.