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Feb 17, 2013 10:32 PM

Bombay Mahal vs Punjab Palace?


I've been devoted to Bombay Mahal until I finally made the trip to Bombay Choupati. I'm not even start describing how unbelievable it was...

Anywho, I haven't tried Punjab Palace, but first want to know if its worth switching out Bombay Mahal before I try it.

In terms of what I like, my favorite at Bombay Mahal is the chili chicken and the chicken vindaloo, both of which I always get extra spicy. Does punjab cuisine also emphasize spiciness?

What do you guys think

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  1. I like to go to all the indian place in park extension area.

    One thing I learned is that each place has it strength and weaknesses.

    One other thing I learned is that if you had a great plate of __________(fill the blank), enjoy it because you'll never taste the same elswhere even if it's called the same.

    For example not one place has the same taste for their chicken biryanni.

    Also enjoy every visit as if it was your last one because you never know when the chef will leave or new owners bought the place.

    I love the twist of flavors that former "curry and naan" had on their chicken biryanni, they were sold and now called "Chand palace". The biryanni chicken is not the same at all and I miss that good old taste from "curry and naan".

    The only place that still has the same flavors for biryanni chicken is a place called "halal 786". But even there if it's not the same cook you see a difference.

    Happy Food Hunt!

    1. I know everyone loves it but bombay mahal is not that good

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        Could you at least expand on why you think this? It is not haute cuisine by any means, but for the price it is hard to beat the variety of flavours you can get. Mind you, we only do take out from these places and eat at home (the leftovers taste even better the next day) but everytime we order we are very satisfied with what we get.

        1. re: jfprieur

          for one thing it's very dirty
          i find the thali is a bit pricier and not as good as neighbouring restaurants

      2. I had the chili chicken at Punjab Palace and honestly it was kind of gross.... it tasted like a spicy and mushy version of orange chicken from Panda Express with indian spices and unpleasant large pieces of overcooked vegetables.

        Maybe punjab cuisine doesn't specialize in spicy food? In any case, I'm not a fan of sweet indian food, so back to Bombay Mahal!