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Olive oil Recommendations

Any recommendations for good Olive Oil brands to use when making salad dressings or drizzling on food? Thanks in advance!

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  1. It really depends on how much money you're interested in paying - but for my money, this is the best commercially packaged olive oil I know of. http://www.canaanfairtrade.com/produc...

    1. Give Lucini a try; I love it. I can find it at Whole Foods.

      1. Hi. I looked high and low for good olive oil and found one called "Omaggio Private Reserve" extra virgin olive oil. I order 3 bottles at a time at $9.00/bottle and have it shipped. Shipping is always $6.00. My son isn't fond of it - too fruity for him, but I love it. If you're interested, go to Google and type in omaggio private reserve extra virgin olive oil and follow the links. It's killer stuff.

        1. My "best" olive oil is Zaytoun - a FairTrade oil from Palestine. Delicious.

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            Apparently, Zaytoun contracts with Canaan FairTrade who does their exporting. I've never tried Zaytoun - but in general I do prefer olive oil from this region as opposed to Italy or Greece.

            Though I'm sure that's because I can buy liters of unfiltered olive oil sold in used Coke bottles quite reasonably.

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              Yes, indeed. Zaytoun is the "brand name" here in the UK and Canaan is its main supplier in Palestine.

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                Canaan also directly ships abroad, but I'm sure that's more of a hassel. Their unfiltered olive oil is really amazing (but only available in November/December).

          2. Do you have access to Costco? If you do, I really like their Kirkland organic extra virgin olive oil. It's a very reasonable price as well (although I can't remember it off the top of my head, but it's much cheaper than fancier brands you find at other stores).

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              I'll second the Costco brand. It's got a nice distinct olive oil flavour, is very reasonably priced and easy to get, and if I remember correctly, was one of the ones that passed the "is this actually 100% Italian EV olive oil tests".

            2. Costco's Toscano vintage oil is a great value.

              1. When buying big (gallon) cans at Central Market I have found their Spanish brand very solid. Right now we are finishing a gallon of World Market's Italian...meh. Neither one is drizzling quality, but for salad dressing they work well paired with home made wine vinegar and a smidge of Maille Dijon. For intense peppery taste, I like Lungarotti. WS usually has it, but it is pricey. More moderately priced, Randall's (Safeway in Texas) carries some store brand EVOOs from California, Italy, and Greece. I have liked them all, especially the California. Unless allowed to spoil, most olive oils from supermarkets work fine in salad dressing, IMO.