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Feb 17, 2013 10:28 PM

L'Atelier de Robuchon at the MGM for smoke sensitive person?

I'm looking into making a reservation at a group of restaurants, which includes L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon. L'Atelier is very convenient for us, I've heard wonderful things, and the current tasting menu peaks my interest. But as it's in the MGM Grand, I'm worried about whether the smoking environment of the hotel/casino (through the ventilation, tapestries over the years, etc.) bother even the most sensitive of noses.

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  1. I don't think it will be a problem unless you're seated next to some one who reeks of smoke. The last time wifey and I were there, the couple next to wifey left to go have a smoke in the middle of their meal. They didn't reek of smoke and it didn't really bother us but wifey did notice.

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      Ah, the "fellow diners." Had not thought of that.

      Still, I think that the OP is more likely to encounter aromas of perfume, or after-shave from them, rather than casino smoke - at least in my experience.

      When doing fine-dining, both my wife and I eschew any cologne, perfume, etc., and I only use a non-scented after-shave balm. That is how important our wine and dining aromas are to us, and wife has asthma, so any smoke is a real problem to her. For a recent cigar event in LV, I traveled with two identical blazers (one for any cigar event, and the other for my time with her), and two separate "dirty clothes bags," so that there would be zero issues. She's that sensitive.


    2. We have dined there, and my wife is VERY sensitive to smoke. We encountered none. Same for Chef Robuchon's La Masion restaurant, next door.

      For L'Atelier, we had just done his London and his Paris locations, and it was a major tossup between London (Soho), and LV. They were both very, very good, and with the slight differences, came in neck-n-neck. Paris was a "weak sister," IMHO.

      Now, the Robuchon restaurant next door is a different matter. Right now, it is our #1, but I am currently looking for some other similar options. It beat Guy Savoy by a fairly wide margin, but is not that similar to L'Atelier - different price-points and different restaurants. Still, no smoke.

      We are also both very much into foods and especially wines, so anything, beyond the food, or the wine, will bother us, and degrade the experience. If you can smell any smoke, your nose is better than mine, and mine's very good.