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MD Anderson area dinner

I did a search and found a couple of 10 year old threads. Looking for dinner within a cab ride of the hospital, we'll be there for business for 1 night. No chains, no white-table cloth-other than that, open to anything local!

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  1. The immediate area is not a dining mecca, but there is lots within a short cab ride. I like Danton's on Montrose for seafood. There was an extensive recent conversation on this area. It may reference Reliant Stadium, Rice, Metro Rail or Medical Center rather than MDA specifically.

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        Good list. In the Village I like Pasha (Turkish) and Local Foods, next door to and co-owned by Benjy's - excellent sandwiches and sides.

        Due west of the Med Center on Holcombe at Greenbrier is a center with several casual eateries, Fred's Italian Corner (the whole area used to be an Italian neighborhood), Southwell's Burgers (local chain) and Two Guys Pizza. I used to go to 2 guys when it was part of the local New York Pizzeria chain and it was the best location, but I haven't been since they dropped the NYP branding. Southwell's is not the best burgers in town but it's better than a chain.

        South of the Med Center closer to Reliant is mostly chains but there is Capt. Benny's Oyster Bar; it's a great time of year for Gulf oysters.

        Of course, as noted on the thread linked to by Lambowner, the light rail, running on the west side of the Med Center, could take you to Mid Town and Downtown for tons more possibilities, although they do get a little pricier and more formal, perhaps.

        Pasha has linen tablecloths but it's informal.

        1. Wow, thanks for all of the input! I'm really unfamiliar with Houston so this was very helpful...

          1. Head to Rice Village, a short 5-10 minute drive away from MDA. Istanbul Grill for terrific kabobs and such, D'Amico's for casual Italian (red and white table cloths!), Bombay Brasserie, Local Foods for terrific sandwiches, Benjy's (more upscale than the ones i prev mentioned but still casual), Thai Spice, El Meson for Cuban, Kahn's for Deli.. Something for everyone in Rice Village and just a short ride away from the medical cntr! Walk University, Times and Rice Blvd and you'll find what you're looking for! Enjoy!!

            1. I am not the OP, but I am the caregiver for a patient at MD Anderson right now, and I could sure use some help finding a place to eat. I have a car, but my time is very limited, so I need something not far out of the way. I am staying at Bellaire & 610, so my route from the hospital is to drive west on Holcombe. I'm basically at the hospital all day and want to stop for dinner or takeout on the way back to my lodgings. Anything that is on the way, or not too far out of the way, would be ideal.

              To complicate matters, I have to eat gluten-free (medical reasons). Thai, Indian, & Mexican are probably the easiest for me to find something, although I am certainly open to other cuisines.

              Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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                There is a Pronto Cucinino on Holcombe. It's not all pasta, my favorite dish is the roasted chicken with garlic mashers and either green beans or spinach (the "house specialty.") Quick, fresh and very tasty. They also have curb service.


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                  Sorry to read of your reason for being in our city.

                  The Village, mentioned above, has numerous options including 2 Indian and I think 2 Thai. The Indian places are Shiva and Bombay Brasserie - neither is any great shakes when it comes to Indian options here in Houston but they are close by. I've never been to either of the Thai places in there. Be advised though that parking and traffic can both be a hassle in The Village which will add to your time spent trying to get a meal.

                  Local Foods, which I mentioned in a post above, will serve any sandwich on their menu as a salad and you don't even get a piece of bread to go along with it.

                  As far as take-out, ready-to-eat, there are a number of options. Just past the intersection of Holcombe/Greenbriar (1st major intersection heading west) is a Jimmy John's, a Subway sandwich clone. It's a cut or 2 above Subway. I've only been to one once but 2 things to mention, they are very fast, owing to having twice as much staff on duty to put the sandwiches together, and any sandwich on the menu is available as an 'unwich' substituting lettuce for the bread. There are tables for dine-in.

                  At the next major intersection, Buffalo Speedway, where Pronto Cucino is located, is a Randall's store with a Signature cafe. Randall's is what Safeway is called here and the food is pretty good for a supermarket cafe; there will be salads, sides, usually at least one baked or broiled meat offering, etc.

                  Just behind Pronto Cucino as I recall is Yapa Fresh Kitchen Take-away. I've only been once, years ago, but I looked a their website and was surprised they don't tout a gluten free menu but I'm sure they have dishes that would fit.

                  Just past the Wesleyan/Stella Link intersection further west (next major intersection) is a big Whole Foods Market on the north side of the street. There would be lots of options - pick up fruit in the produce department, look at the selection of ready to eat hot soups, and, at the other end of the store, a large steam table, deli counter, and ready-to-eat grab-and-go case. There are tables on premises.

                  Just before you get to Wesleyan/Stella Link, on the south side of the street, is Molina's Cantina, the newest location of a very old, family run Mexican restaurant group that is a local favorite. That is the only Mexican I can think of along there - strange! I'm sure they do take-out and you could probably call ahead.

                  Re your gluten free needs, there are several take-away places in town with specialty menus including gluten free and vegan, My Fit Foods and Snap Kitchen for instance. There used to be a My Fit Foods at Holcombe at Greenbriar but apparently it is closed. The nearest standalone location would be on Beechnut, just west of Loop 610. This would be only about a mile south of your lodgings down 610 if that's not too far out of your way.

                  I don't know of a nearby location of Snap but you could look them up online.

                  The Kroger Signature stores also carry a selection of the My Fit Foods line; there isn't one close to your route but there are a couple within 2-2.5 miles out of your way if you're interested. They might be useful since the Kroger Signature stores are open 24 hours a day, if you're getting away from the hospital too late for some of these other options.

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                    Thanks for all the suggestions. I picked up food from Whole Foods my first night. Second night was a Thai place right by the Whole Foods. Can't recall the name, but it wasn't good. Last night I ate at Molina's, which was good, although very crowded with a wait for a table (I ate in the bar to avoid the wait).

                    My sister has recommended a place called Antonio's that is on Holcombe (Mexican). Know anything about it?

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                      I have never heard of Antonio's. I remembered there's a place in that WF center called Fajita Pete's I know nothing of it either. I shop at that WF, it's the closest one to me, but I don't live near there and there may be more along there I don't know about.

                      Black Eyed Pea, down the street toward the RR tracks would be another place for take-out if ;you're looking for more variety - Texas based chain, down-home cooking I guess you could say. Haven't been in years.

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                        I ate at Antonio's tonight. It turns out that it is in the same shopping center as Pronto Cocinino. It was good quality Tex-Mex; good, prompt service; atmosphere nothing to write home about; and a little "boomy" due to tile and hard walls everywhere. But all in all, it served my needs very well.

                        I guess I should add here that I am from Texas, although I live out of state at present. This particular area of Houston is not one where I have a lot of experience. I'm not interested in eating at a Black Eyed Pea (although it's been 30 years since I've eaten at one). I also checked out My Fit Foods and Snap Kitchen online, and I have to say that these places are geared more towards low-carb dieters that to people with celiac disease. I am most definitely not a low-carb dieter! Honestly, the hardest thing about traveling and having to adhere to a gluten-free diet, is being able to get a starch here and there with your meal. I think that's why I prefer the rice-eating cuisines that I mentioned. There is nothing more frustrating than being told to have a salad. I don't even like salad!

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                          Great plan on Black Eyed Pea. I went to one a couple of years ago with a 25 year old memory, and blech. Nothing like it was, if it ever was as good as the memory.