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Feb 17, 2013 08:01 PM

Oysters for Breakfast in New Orleans

Hey everyone: I've been searching the boards for oyster and breakfast recommendations for my upcoming first trip to NOLA, but I'm kinda stuck. I'm looking to eat raw oysters and drink champagne on a Sunday morning while I'm there. Is there a place that is open early enough on a Sunday to make this happen? Any ideas? Thanks y'all!

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  1. I'd think your best chance, though not good, is at a hotel restaurant. Perhaps Luke or The Bourbon House. If you're willing to go with fried oysters instead of raw, perhaps a call to Stanley! or Patois to see if they have poached egg dishes with fried oysters is worth a try. Good luck!

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      Sanglier has given good leads. I thought more places had oysters but I just did a fast search and I was wrong. I did find fried oyster breakfast/brunch dishes at Stanley and Ruby Slipper.

      That's not to say that you couldn't go to a brunch place that serves fried oysters for lunch or dinner, as in an oyster salad, and see if you could get oysters custom made up for you.
      Acme opens at 1100 but I wouldn't take any bets that they have a good champagne selection.

    2. Luke is open for breakfast and they have a large oyster bar. I imagine you could work something out at Criollo as well.

      1. Luke serves Brunch at 10 and has Oysters.

        1. I used to love Battistella's Restaurant in the old French Market. Nothing fancy, but one of their signature dishes was an oyster omelet, something I haven't seen on a menu anywhere else.

          1. Stanley! was my first thought.



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              Bill: Stanley (only Stella! gets the exclamation point) has some egg dishes with cooked oysters, but there are no raw oysters there, and the sparkling wine selection is very limited and mundane.

              I concur with Bourbon House and Luke as two very likely candidates. The caviar-topped raw oysters at Bourbon House would make a grand way to start off a Sunday.