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Hungarian Skirt Steak

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Does someone know where you can but this steak in the San fernando Valley. Even in Los Angelesitself

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  1. What exactly is Hungarian Skirt Steak? The best skirt steak I know of is at Brents in Northridge. It is one of my wife's favorites.

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      I LOVE Brent's also. That is what I call Hungarian Skirt Steak.
      I want to broil it I want to serve it at a party. The last time I bought it was at Costco in Northridge. They do NOT stock it anymore.

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        Call around to other Costco's in the area like Van Nuys, Westlake Village or Simi. Did the NR Costco move south closer to Ventura Blvd? If so they may now have more room to stock more meat products.

    2. Do you want to eat it in a restaurant or cook it yourself? For you info, back East they call it Romanian skirt steak. Gelson's usually has it in their meat case, and if they don't they will special order it for you.