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Feb 17, 2013 07:44 PM

bird of paradise sunday buffet @ hawaii prince ewa


eggs benedict was quite good (i love eggs benedict)
saimin soup was good (i did not try the noodles, but was told they were tasty)
large selection of desserts that tasted ok
king crab (i didn't try any)
there was a slice of fairly rare prime rib (sister had it, i tried a bite. it was ok)
fried fish was good
bacon was cooked just right - a little chewy, a little crunchy, not too oily and not dry at all
made to order omelette station


poke was made with previously frozen fish, therefore mushy (but it tasted good)
california roll style sushi was bad
prime rib was eh
iced tea had peach flavor
portuguese sausage was dry


it was a treat and there were enough things that i liked to leave happy, but overall, the quality of most of the choices was poor.

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