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Feb 17, 2013 07:40 PM

Sugar Shack (Not APDC) recommendation

So here is my dilemma, I am a foodie as is my husband and we would love to go to APDC's sugar shack but we have a 4-yr-old. I would love to give him an authentic sugar shack experience (we are from NY so this is all new to us) but it would be great if the food was very good as well. The few places that I have looked at seem either heavy on the family fun (always good) with a not so great sounding meal (not so good) or a great meal with nothing to do. Is there any place that combines the two?

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  1. Try the Sugar Shack at Mont Rigaud. It is apparently an interesting experience, and I have heard the food is pretty good.

      1. My favourite sugar shack is
        The food is very good, the premises are nice and clean, and there are animals on-site (sheeps, lamas, etc), which the kids really love!

        1. We tried sucrerie Gallant, in Rigaud, last year and found the food to be a big step up from most sugar shacks. Not sure about the family fun, as we were mostly there for the food. It's probably nowhere near what you would get at APDC but it was good.

          1. We went to the Mont Rigaud one, Sucrerie de la montagne, last year with our 2-year-old and 5-year-old. They enjoyed the entertainment, and the feel of the place is much less industrial than a lot of sugar shacks. The food was better than many we've been to, though not APDC-level.

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              I went to this one a number of years ago and found it very expensive and over-rated. It was featured on CFCF so was expecting something spectacular but found it very ordinary. I preferred La Feuille D`Erable or Constantin in St. Eustache. Also we went to a very small one in St. Joseph du Lac on top of a hill. It only holds 4-5 long tables, the food is not mass prepared in advance and we all loved it. I will try to ge the name and post later.