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Feb 17, 2013 06:50 PM

Roasting vegetables

I thought I posted this already, but don't see it.
When you roast vegetables-
What oil do you use? What temp do you cook at? Covered or uncovered?
What's the best temperature for root veggies, and do you use the smae temps if you add crucifers at the end?
Convection or not?
What are your favorite herbs and spices?
Andmostly, how long does each veg need to cook and at what temperature?

I'm not completely clueless, but I need to wrap my head around the subject better so I'm asking for opinions. Thanks, all.

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  1. To answer a couple questions--
    Make sure your vegetables are cut to about the same size.
    I use EVOO virtually all the time.
    Generally roast between 350-400.
    Herbs- anything you want or have on hand. Thyme, oregano, rosemary. The heartier herbs are better.
    Roast uncovered.
    Time of roasting depends on the size of the vegetables, but generally 15-30 minutes. Low and slow is not a method I generally use for this.

    1. I made this on Thanksgiving and I made them again tonight

      1. Hi. Though not an authority on this, I've roasted all kinds of veggies at 350-375 after seasoning with herbs (dry) and olive oil, tossing so all veggies are covered. Roast about 30 mins., or until you see char on the edges of the veggies. Turn veggies while cooking once or twice so all parts are exposed. I use thyme, rosemary, sage or Italian or any combination, though usually thyme. Convection will reduce your cooking time by about 25 percent. Be sure all veggies are cut about the same size. Don't know what you're doing with the veggies, i.e., eating them as a side or adding them to something like veggie stock. Makes a difference.

        1. I use EVOO. Usually roast at 400-425, uncovered on a baking sheet covered with foil (easier clean-up), and shaking the pan or flipping the veggies about halfway through. Covering will just steam them. Time really depends on the vegetable. Asparagus is around 10 minutes, a bit longer if they're thick, broccoli and green beans maybe 13 minutes. Cauliflower longer, root veggies for much longer, 30+ minutes usually. I do sometimes boil potatoes (already cut up) to parcook them to up the roasting time, and I've found it results in a crispier outside/softer inside by doing it that way.

          Herbs and spices really depend on the vegetable, but I usually just use salt & pepper, and will top with some parmesan cheese at the end, for the broccoli, green beans, and asparagus. I might add lemon zest or lemon juice too. I like to just do fresh thyme and/or rosemary with potatoes. Curry is good on cauliflower, and cumin or chipotle and brown sugar is good with sweet potatoes.

          1. For sweet potato and root vegetable pieces, I'll use a little olive oil and some Penzey's Forward or Arizona Dreaming spice blends.
            Brussels sprouts get a tossing with Lucini Hazelnut vinaigrette.
            Cauliflower, olive oil and grey sea salt.
            All of them get a high temp with convection to create those delicious brown crispy edges.