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Feb 17, 2013 06:47 PM

Go's Mart Sushi question.

Greetings everyone. All but sure that we are going to try Go's Mart Sushi in Canoga Park, come this Wednesday. Would love to hear some thoughts regarding this place. I am assuming that it is Omikase style, which is fine by us. I've heard that unusual non typical ingredients are incorporated into the preparation of sushi at Go's Mart, and it all sounds good to me. I guess my real question about this spot regards the use of edible gold leaf, and what this represents. By me, this sounds pretty but nothing more than decoration. I'm crossing fingers that for a pricey tab such as we will be paying, that the meal will be more than "pretty". Would love to hear from anyone who's been and can give me the skinny on anything we need to know about Go's Mart.
Thanks everyone,

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  1. I guess my real question about this spot regards the use of edible gold leaf, and what this represents. By me, this sounds pretty but nothing more than decoration
    You are correct! Gold is inert and has no taste. It's pretty but doesn't make the dish taste any different. It is so thin that it won't even provide texture to your dish. It will help up your tab though.

    1. Yes, the gold is just for appearance. Establishment itself has been well reviewed by various blogs. Not much decor, very much a foodie's destination, Go does toe the 'more is better' line so expect truffle, oil, flakes, caviar, etc. It's not cheap but I've never heard anyone say it wasn't tasty.

      1. I think nowadays he leaves off the gold leaf. Also, he's very amenable and amiable in my opinion. If you don't want caviar or truffle oil on anything, just say so.

        Also, it's not only Omakase, unlike other places around town.

        Anyhow, it's one of my favorites.

        You might as well as order these three hits in my opinion: Holy Cow, monkfish liver pate, and the kawagishi toro, nuff said.

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        1. re: kevin

          Wonderful suggestions Kevin. We will do Omakase, but at the beginning of our evening, I will absolutely mention that the three hits you'd mentioned, to be a part of our evening. I am excited! Thank you.

        2. Still solid. My last visit was 10 months ago. Gold leaf is for show, and many purists poopoo its use - I say what the hell, no harm intended. Enjoy and report back! Don't expect much in terms of decor (but you already knew that)...

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          1. re: J.L.

            JL, do you ask for a more traditional version sans truffle oil or do you give him free rein with it?

            1. re: Porthos

              Omakase, man. Chef's call. All the way.

            2. re: J.L.

              Hi J.L.,

              Thanks for your post. I will indeed report back. You surmised correctly that we are in the know regarding the atmosphere, but we've had enough special meals in no-frills settings, that we are totally cool.

              1. re: JeffW

                it is a little tight, when someone is trying to get by when you are sitting at the bar.

                but i love the cramped quarters, sitting at the bar, and enjoying a great sushi meal with a sushi chef who is very accomodating and has a sense of humor.

                The frosty glasses that he pours the beers in our great too.

                1. re: kevin

                  Hmmm, may have to get a small sake and a small beer, versus just a large sake :)

              2. re: J.L.

                Hi again J.L.
                Our meal last night was a most enjoyable experience. Everything we ate was of the highest quality, with a few of our dishes being revelations. The Kawagishi Toro was served as part of a trio of tuna...Bluefin, Toro, and the Kawagishi. All were excellent, but when I put the Kawagishi in my mouth, I broke into a huge grin from eating something so delicious as never before. I've enjoyed finely chopped Toro in the past, but this was chopped to a point of it being a cloud. And an incredibly rich flavorful cloud at that. The Ankimo was also another revelation to me with the texture being firm but delectably creamy. The drizzling of miso was brilliant. I cannot think of a single gripe throughout our evening. Maybe there were two tiny aspects though of possible changes I would ask for upon returning. On a couple of dishes, there was a sprinkling of salt...but hey, "When in Rome". My other change would be to pass on the Snow Crab. The texture was perfection, but none of the sweet crab flavor I expected. However, our last savory dish of the night was a Blue Crab handroll, and OHMYGAWD, but it was wonderful....the Nori was shatteringly crisp too! When asked if there were items that we do not enjoy, I did bring up that very chewy fish such as Squid, and mollusks such as Abalone have typically not been my passion. Chef says "You have not tried my Abalone". I told him to go for it, and the mild chew was well worth it, as it was the first time that I've been able to appreciate a rich flavor from this dish. In my life, I've never had the marriage of truffle with fish, and this was one of those revelations for me. Tiny amounts were just enough to bring out more of the flavors from fish, versus making you feel as if you were having a meal based on truffle. A thin slice of truffle on a slice of Japanese Scallop was superb. A thin slice of truffle came also atop Sockeye Salmon, and it all melted in my mouth. The Sockeye was accompanied by another nigiri of the chef's house smoked Salmon. Loved them both. While the slices of fish may not have been large in size, the chef's judicious amount of rice was perfect for each piece. I noted a theme regarding all of our meal, and it too did not was just different. I noted that across the board, whatever passed our lips was thoughtful in not being overly cold. We flipped over the fruits that were served at the end of our meal. Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Cherimoya (sp?), with a little drizzle of sweet thick milk. I am really glad to have experienced Go's Mart. While we ordered Omikase style, we noted that some folks do order to the beat of their own drum. Our tab for 2 was something like $335 out the door. A "special occasion" pricepoint, but one that did leave us satisfied. As others have posted, the atmosphere is "bare bones", which I knew in advance.
                Cheers all,

                1. re: JeffW

                  Our pricepoint included a good sized bottle that we shared of Sake. Kikasui (sp?)

                  1. re: JeffW

                    Yeah, I was going to ask if you had any drinks. Sounds like a great meal.

                    Now it's going to be much more difficult to garner a seat.

                    Although there was a note by someone that it went slightly downhill, but my experience a couple months ago was that it was still tops.

                    Here, down on this link was that person's response:


                  2. re: JeffW

                    Thanks so much for your excellent feedback! So I take it we have another member in the Go's Mart fan club?

                    1. re: JeffW

                      Wow JeffW, great detailed review. I felt as though I was sitting right next to you!

                  3. I'm pretty snobbish, but Go's Mart is a thumbs up. I could complain about the amount of truffle oil, gold foil, even caviar in the dishes, but overall the quality is high and it's a good experience.