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Italian Beef (Chicago Style)

Used to enjoy Windy City Beef, before they closed, what's the best sport for real Chicago style Italian beef now?

Speaking of sandwiches... any great Torta's in the area?

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  1. hot dog heaven on sunrise and andrews ft lauderdale hands down the best authentic around

    1. Hot Dogopolis is Boca makes real Chicago hot dogs and Italian Beef. Not being from Chicago, I do not know how good it is. Friends from Chicago say the dogs are really good and the beef is OK.

      1. Fat Lou's in Hallandale/Pembroke Park makes good Italian beef. I'm no expert, but I used to go with a friend from Chicago and he seemed to think it was legit.

        As for tortas, I really like Taqueria Morelia down in Florida City, especially the torta de suadero. Mi Rinconcito Mexicano in Little Havana is also good.

        1. I 2nd Fat Lou's on Hallandale bch blvd. Terrific Italian beef sandwich, we drive 1/2 hour to get there!!!

          1. Was able to get to Fat Lou's ... and you guys are correct... an excellent Italian Beeft! Chicago would be proud!

            1. Glad you made it, and that you thought it was legit too.

              1. im from chicago where lou and family still have a place up there also off elston ave, lived near him too, world class true chicago boy there and takes pride in doing things the right way

                1. Since most midwesterners who snowbird or relocate to FL go to the West Coast, you can daytrip across Alligator Alley to these places, unmatched on the East Coast:

                  Chicago Dawg House, Ft Myers Beach

                  Giovanni's Italian Market, Ft Myers.

                  You can also order these kits, expensive, but damn good:


                  1. For my tastes, likes, etc., Fat Lou's is excellent. They "do it right" there.

                    Any Chicago people don't need to travel beyond Fat Lou's in my opinion. Glad you liked it...and that Chicago would be proud.

                    Hot Dogopolis has some good dogs. The beef, in my opinion, was "OK" as stated above.

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                      What do you think of Sonny's Hogies, ELA?